Summary: Part 3 reveals the formation of dry land, the seas, and all vegetation. This message also gives excellent insight into defending an evolutionist’s view of the origin of species.

Creation Series, Part 3

Genesis 1:9-13


- We have a Creator, and the Creator has given us a clear account of His story

- APP: What we find ourselves in is a situation what separates all of us

-- If you do not believe this account, you fall into one of these two categories:

1. Theistic Evolutionist: Believes that God is real, yet He used evolution to evolve all things in this world to include the creation of mankind

2. Naturalistic Evolutionist (which most non-believers are): Believes that everything evolved by accident, and that there is no God nor Creator

-- Claims to use the formula: “Nobody times Nothing equals Everything!”

-- This is absolutely the wrong angle for us and is at the heart of our beliefs

- There is no middle ground on this issue and it is here we must answer for ourselves

- Before we can even see the Redeemer who is Jesus, we must see the workmanship

- We must see the Glory of a Creator who specifically put each thing into place

- APP: If we cannot see the work of the Creator; can we see the work of a Messiah?

- As a believer, we have to be willing to refute the commentaries of today

- Scientists, teachers, and pundits from all walks of life wish to denounce Creation

- It is critical that we are able to demonstrate a clear logic in our thinking

-- But, not only clear logic … but a Biblically based explanation to the Creation account

- APP: It is not our place to speak for God; but we use God’s Word to demonstrate truth

- Last Sunday night we answered the ancient question, “How old is the Earth?”

-- Gen 5 gives us the dates of the Patriarchs, and through OT we have 4,000 years

-- From the arrival to the Messiah to today we have approx. 2,000 years

-- Thus, the Earth is approximately 6,000 years old … period!!

- The creation and formation of the Earth took 6 days, and last week we viewed Day 1

- Tonight, we look at Day 3 and what happens AFTER the space we see now is formed

- Let’s read up to our text so we have the complete view of where we are

- Stand and read Genesis 1:1-13

- Pray

Point 1 – Dawning of Day 3

- OK, let’s try to get some of the immediate issues out of the way early this evening

- If you notice in the scripture, we see that within one day (24 hours) we have plants

- We’ve been around long enough to know that growth like that is impossible

-- CRITICAL: However, we certainly have not been around since the beginning of time

- What IS important, is that God has and scripture testifies to His ability to do all things

-- Matthew 19:26, “But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.”

- The critical personality may be ready to jump and point out that we’ve used the same book to prove what we want to prove so there is a problem in OUR thinking – right?

- Wrong! Scripture testifies to scripture and it is where our faith is founded!

- Just because a scientist who went to school for 100 years says so, doesn’t make it fact

-- IMP: Let’s remember who gave that scientist the brain in his head in the first place!

- (v9) God speaks, and it happens! Gathering word used in Hebrew is “sunagogen”

-- This is the same place where we get the word synagogue (place of gathering)

- And so God speaks this land existence and it becomes permanent in its location

-- How do we know it’s permanent? The words used: “It is so” (light from Day 1 isn’t)

- So what we see is a world covered by water, and when He speaks dry land rises

- As the land arose, the water was pushed to its gathering place (the seas we see today)

- Now, consider this awe inspiring act of creation (“How Great is our God …”)

- When He spoke it, land emerged, and was fully prepared to sustain life on it (excited)

- Wow!! Unimaginable … isn’t it? Well, not to one biblical character who dared ask

- Go with me to Job Chapter 38; read verses 3-11 – Job asks; God answers (authority)!

- TRANS: We have dry land and we have seas in their place … so now what?

Point 2 – Is there vegetation within one day?

- (v11) Plants, trees, grass, etc. all appears because God said it … end of story!

- There is no scientific explanation needed, no debate – it demonstrates His sovereignty

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