Summary: This series focuses on the Biblical facts of Creation, and using Scripture puts to rest the scientific opinions of how the world was formed. Part 5 discusses God’s marvelous hand at creating the life in the sea as well as the birds in the air.

Creation Series, Part 5

Genesis 1:20-23


- We are right in the middle of a series discussing the Creation of everything we see

- 1) We have a Creator, He is God, and He has given us a clear account of His story

- 2) What we find ourselves in is a situation that separates all of us: Do we believe?

-- If you do not believe this account, you fall into one of these two categories:

- Theistic Evolutionist: Believes that God is real, yet He used evolution to evolve all things in this world to include the creation of mankind

- Naturalistic Evolutionist (which most non-believers are): Believes that everything evolved by accident, and that there is no God nor Creator

-- Evolution uses the formula: “Nobody times Nothing equals Everything!”

-- This is absolutely the wrong angle for us and is at the heart of our beliefs

- Before we can even see the Redeemer, who is Jesus, we must see the Creator

-- We must see the Glory of a Creator who specifically put each thing into place

- APP: If we cannot see the work of the Creator; can we see the work of a Messiah?

- As a believer, we have to be willing to refute the commentaries of today

- Scientists, teachers, and pundits from all walks of life wish to denounce Creation

- It is critical that we are able to demonstrate a clear logic in our thinking

-- But, not only clear logic … but a Biblically based explanation to the Creation account

- IMP: There is NOTHING in scripture that supports something evolved from anything

- What we have seen to date is that God has created:

1. The Earth

2. The skies above (including the atmosphere)

3. The land and the seas

4. The vegetation that we see around us

5. The lights in the sky (to include the sun and the stars)

- Stand and read Genesis 1:20-23

- Pray

Point 1 – Let there be life! (v20-21)

- There is so much in these two verses that I could preach a series just on this area

- Many were surprised when Gen 1:1 took almost 45 minutes to preach/explain

- Even when we consider the size of the universe, our minds can barely grasp it

-- And even with this I was just scratching the surface of the majesty of God

- The Bible is very clear that all that we see is created in 6 days

- But, the first living beings are created on day 5 (plants/vegetation aren’t living)

-- What does this mean? It means they are not conscious living beings

-- They are organisms, but they are not considered things that are alive

-- Living creatures are considered living things that move; plants do not move

- Grasping the importance of life and the reproduction of life is critical today

- It is what separates all creatures that live and were created by a majestic God

- We see here two important concepts to grasp WHAT is being created on Day 5

-- 1. Conscious Life = Living creatures that are created

-- 2. Reproductive Life (the life cycle of things that need to reproduce)

- The first thing we see God doing is that He fills the waters with life

- His creation of the creatures in the sea is done across the board all at once

-- Let’s try to wrap our minds around this concept and see just what God does …

- He does not create one being and then begins to evolve things in others

- When God speaks the life into the seas; ALL creatures were created at once

-- The Hebrew word here (once again) is “bara”; to create from nothing

- Notice, there is nothing else added to this verse; no historical chart; nor evolution

- God speaks (v20), and these things are instantly created in the Earth by His word

-- In a moment; as fast as you can blink your eyes; God spoke all these things to life

- God does the very same thing regarding the birds of the air; He speaks them to life

- Now, look at where the birds fly: “above the earth in the open firmament” (space)

-- The Hebrew word used here literally means, “on the face of heaven”; (in front of)

- Now, what I really love is the creation of what is in the sea (v21); notice specifics

-- KJV: And God created great whales

-- CEV: God made the giant sea monsters

-- NIV: God created the great creatures of the sea

- What is the importance of mentioning these creatures specifically by name?

- When God created vegetation He didn’t get into describing redwood vs. spruce

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