Summary: This sermon looks at crisis points in our lives which work out to be turning points which move us onto deepening points and can result in actual healing points.

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Crisis Points Mark 5:21-43.

The widow of Stephen Oake whose husband was a special branch police officer who was stabbed to death in Manchester by a terrorist, said in the Daily Telegraph article… That while she realized there was going to be some dark day’s ahead, she felt assured that “God is real.”

After sentencing in April 2005 Later during the sentencing of the man who murdered her husband she explained she had forgiven the man who killed her husband and also prays for him every day.

This tells me that there are times in our lives when our faith is serverly tested.But we must learn that these crisis points can become turning points, deepening points and healing points, such is the case for the widow of the late Stephen Oake.

And I know that this is true for many of you sat here today because you have experienced it. For others it’s still to come. But to some extent we have all faced crisis points in our lives. But the big question is how are we going to respond to it?

Remember as James tells us Jam.1:3-4 that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete not lacking anything.

When a Christian hits a crisis point they will become turning points, where their faith will continue and grow rather than becoming bitter and cynical towards God their relationship will become deeper. And that is what we will encounter in this part of Marks gospel two people whose faith will grow as a result of crisis points in their lives.

• Mark again 3.13-30. Delivers a split screen with a story within a story.

1) Crisis points can become turning points.

• The life of conservative politican Jonathan Atkin who was convicted of purgery a crisis point in his life turned out to be a real turning point in his life.

Jarius story V22-23. The next two encounters deal with crisis points in the lives of the two people one is Jarius who is the horrible position of losing his twelve-year-old daughter. We see him pleading with Jesus falling at his feet asking for him to come and heal his little girl. So Jesus sets off with Jarius…

The womans story V30 Suddenly its all interrupted as Jesus is touched by a women who for twelve years has suffered from servere bleeding. (Menstrual or uterine disorder). And had spent all that she had on finding a cure but to no avail she was getting worse. She had to keep a low profile for she was ceremonial unclean, she shouldn’t of even been there.

We encounter turning points

Both of these problems were of personal nature: Jarius daughter was dying, her death would have repercussions for the whole family The women’s bleeding was making her personal life a misery both were at a crisis points which would change into turning points

The alternatives had failed v26

The women had tried alternatives to no avail and all though its not inferred no doubt Jarius had gone to great expensive with doctors to keep his daughter alive.

Both the woman and Jarius eventually turn to Jesus for help. Whatever situation we are facing we need to turn to Jesus and continue turning to Jesus for help.

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