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Summary: Moses tells Joshua not to be afraid, or not to fear his enemies. “Wow, now that’s the pot calling the kettle black!” Are maybe it’s Moses’ experience speaking; experience can be a great teacher. Someone who failed, but he got back up, and desires hi

Crossing Over Deuteronomy 3:22-29NLT

Do not be afraid of the nations there, for the LORD your God will fight for you.’23 “At that time I pleaded with the LORD and said, 24 ‘O Sovereign LORD, you have only begun to show your greatness and the strength of your hand to me, your servant. Is there any god in heaven or on earth who can perform such great and mighty deeds as you do? 25 Please let me cross the Jordan to see the wonderful land on the other side, the beautiful hill country and the Lebanon mountains.’

26 “But the LORD was angry with me because of you, and he would not listen to me. ‘That’s enough!’ he declared. ‘Speak of it no more. 27 But go up to Pisgah Peak, and look over the land in every direction. Take a good look, but you may not cross the Jordan River. 28 Instead, commission Joshua and encourage and strengthen him, for he will lead the people across the Jordan. He will give them all the land you now see before you as their possession.’ 29 So we stayed in the valley near Beth-peor.

Revival is happening in several places around the world. But don’t merely study the "method" by which the revival comes, rather study the common "principles!" You will discover that things like brokenness, mass repentance, faith, forgiveness, humility, love, a quest for holiness, etc. are at the root of bonafide revivals around the world! -Bishop Dale C. Bronner

Can you imagine looking over into your promise land; the land of your dreams (vision) you always held onto, only to be given the nod by the person that holds your dream in their hands- “no, you can’t enter!”

To crossover means you become willing to let go of any and all baggage!

Deuteronomy 3:22 I commanded Joshua at that time, "You’ve seen with your own two eyes everything God, your God, has done to these two kings.

Moses had two victories under his belt- Sihoun and Og.

Moses tells Joshua not to be afraid, and not to fear his enemies. “Wow, now that’s the pot calling the kettle black!”

Maybe it’s Moses’ experience speaking; experience can be a great teacher. Someone who failed, but he got back up, and desires his protégé to succeed.

“The failures in your life are to help others escape the same traps.”

James 1:2-3NKJ My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, 3 knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.

“If your afraid of trials and testings your faith level will never grow.” (...faith produces patience)

Did you know that the Hermit crap looks for a shell that fits him, then he lives in it till he outgrows it? At that point he has to scurry along the ocean floor and find a bigger one; it’s a process that repeats itself throughout his entire life. (Are you clinging onto something that no longer fits you?)

Deuteronomy 1:30NKJ The LORD your God, who goes before you, He will fight for you, according to all He did for you in Egypt before your eyes,

Verse 22 of the text say’s, the Lord will fight for you! God say’s, “I will supernaturally give you victory if you trust Me.”

When you believe for something larger than what you can accomplish you’re using faith.

Illustration: about rubber bands. It’s time for your faith muscles to expand.

Verse 23NLT “Then I pleaded with the LORD at that time, saying:

Listen to Moses’ plea. Deuteronomy 3:24-25TM "God, my Master, you let me in on the beginnings, you let me see your greatness, you let me see your might—what god in Heaven or Earth can do anything like what you’ve done! Please, let me in also on the endings, let me cross the river and see the good land over the Jordan, the lush hills, the Lebanon mountains."

What Moses actually say’s is, “although I failed in the first part of my dream journey, and struck the rock, instead of speaking to the rock, let me enjoy the pleasure of the reality dream anyway.” (The Promise land.)

Deuteronomy 3:26TM But God was still angry with me because of you. He wouldn’t listen. He said, "Enough of that. Not another word from you on this.

Moses is saying, “Israel, because of your failure at Kadesh in Numbers 20:1-13, and my own failure there, God won’t listen.” (Israel complained, and Moses reacted out of anger striking the rock instead of speaking faith over the rock) Each disobedience was of the same kind. (Faithless)

Both failed to honor the Word of the Lord. Like Israel, Moses couldn’t enter the promise land. No one under the age of 20 entered, except Joshua and Caleb.

Deuteronomy 3:27-29TM Climb to the top of Mount Pisgah and look around: look west, north, south, east. Take in the land with your own eyes. Take a good look because you’re not going to cross this Jordan. 28 "Then command Joshua: Give him courage. Give him strength. Single-handed he will lead this people across the river. Single-handed he’ll cause them to inherit the land at which you can only look."29 That’s why we have stayed in this valley near Beth Peor.

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