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Summary: Message 6 in our journey with Joshua into the Promised Land. This message explores the elements involved in getting ready for victory.

Joshua Series #6

The Amazing Race to Rest & Reward

“Crossing Over”

Review / Introduction

The promise to Abraham concerning Land, Seed, and blessing was made hundreds of years before and recorded in Genesis 12. The Bible tracks Abraham from Ur to the territory we know as Israel. Abraham passed the legacy on to his miracle son Isaac who fathered two sons Jacob and Esau. God appeared to Isaac and reaffirmed the promised made to his father Abraham.

Jacob became the heir to the promise to whom God also reaffirmed the promise to Abraham and like his grandfather got a name change. He was then known as Israel. Israel fathered many children and his sons became the heads of the 12 tribes of Israel.

At the end of Genesis we find this fledgling nation planted in a rich section of Egypt (Goshen) where they flourish (blessing of God) in every way. Eventually the Egyptians are afraid of their growth and prosperity and put them into severe servitude for nearly four hundred years.

In Exodus, God raises up a deliverer in Moses to lead them out of Egypt and return to the land promised by God to Abraham. Exodus records their exodus and pause at Mt Sinai where they received a national constitution and instructions for a worship Center. The book of Leviticus provided instructions for what to do in the worship Center.

Numbers, except the journey from Mount Sinai to the edge of the Promised Land. The book of numbers also records the rebellion at Kadesh-barnea resulting in a 40 year detour.

Deuteronomy reminds a new generation of God’s instructions for life in the Promised Land.

Now in Joshua we find the account of Israel’s entry into the Promised Land.

The book can be divided into two basic movements.

I. Purging the Land

II. Possessing the Land

We are studying Joshua because it contains significant principles for living victoriously and with God’s full blessings. Ephesians teaches we are blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenlies in Christ. Even though those blessings are freely available to every Christian, not all Christians fully experience them. The principles of Joshua teach us how we can access this glorious storehouse of spiritual blessing available to every genuine Christian.

Just as Exodus is a picture of our salvation from bondage, Joshua is a picture of our walk of faith and daily rest in the provision of Jesus Christ.

I. Purge the Land 1-12

A. God Prepared Joshua for leadership 1

1. The Lord personally commissioned Joshua 1:1-9

2. Joshua assumed command 1:10-15

3. The people committed to follow Joshua as they did Moses

B. Joshua prepared the people to possess the land 2

1. Joshua commissioned spies and God saved Rahab 2

2. Joshua led the people through the Jordan 3-4


Why should anyone pay attention to today’s message? Is there anything from this portion of the Bible that can help me in my everyday life? Well, how’s your present life working for you?

Are there currently any struggles in your life you would like to see change? Do you feel like you are currently experiencing the spiritual blessings promised by God? Are you experiencing a level of relationship with God that you would recommend to others? Do you feel like there is something standing in the way of a deeper relationship with God? Are you facing some dreaded difficulty that seems impossible to overcome? These are the same kinds of things that faced Israel. God had given them a promise which was now within reach. The problem was that between them and the promise was a major obstacle that seemed impossible to cross.

This is the story of joyously crossing over. This is a story of overcoming obstacles to blessing.

Crossing over is about life change. Crossing over is about breaking into a new dimension of relationship with God. Today we want to learn the principles found in this part of the Bible that enabled them to cross over into blessing and perhaps find some correlation to our life today.

In chapter one God told Joshua the secret to his success. Strength and courage based on a strong sense of God’s active presence drawn from continual meditation on and obedience to His word. The first encounter with opposition to inheriting blessing was a test of Joshua’s leadership. Would Joshua follow his commission or do his own thing? The point of the crossing over is the strict adherence to God’s instructions resulting in a miraculous crossover into the Promised Land. Trust God to get you through impossible barriers to your growth. Do it His way in His time.

There are three things to keep in mind as we interact with this historical account.

First, we need to consider possible similarities to the literal Jordan River and the spiritual Jordan River’s in our life. The Jordan represented a seemingly impossible barrier to blessing.

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