Summary: The testimony of the blood of Jesus bring justification to the believer, just as the cry of Abel’s blood condemned Cain.

Genesis 4:1-14

I. The Blood is against the workings of the enemy

A. There is so much blood from cover to cover in Scripture

1. Coats of skin that covered Adam

2. Abel’s sacrifice

3. Passover lambs blood applied to doorpost

4. Spotless lambs of Levitical priesthood

5. The life of the Gospel is in the blood

6. Passover precedes Pentecost (Pentecost instantaneously occurs 50 days after Passover)

B. Gospel does not need to be repaired or altered

1. One step program — get under the fountain

C. The Blood is the reason for all we do

II. Eve was expecting a promise because of a prophecy that came during her disgrace

A. When she went into labor she was expecting it to be the fulfillment of the prophecy

B. Throughout Scripture you see 2 sons and you always have to watch out for the second son

C. Inheritance went to the firstborn

D. Abel is the second son

E. God has a habit of blessing the unexpected

F. Esau & Jacob; Zerah (fought his way out to be firstborn) & Phares (marked by scarlet thread), Manasseh & Ephraim

G. God had 2 sons

1. Adam was first made son of God

2. Christ was only begotten Son of God (begotten at resurrection)

H. The second son reverses curse where the firstborn blew it

I. Power of 2nd Son -- What Adam got me into, Jesus got me out of

J. Manasseh & Ephraim — God is crossing His hands to bless the unexpected

K. Not the person groomed for the position

L. Least likely — the one nobody though would have any inheritance — the stone the builders rejected — look for someone overlooked and rejected

III. Their occupations

A. The Scripture doesn’t talk about trivialities but tells about their occupation (not their weight or skin color) — because it is relative to the revelation

B. Abel — keeper of the sheep (Picture of Christ)

C. Cain — tiller of ground (cursed place)

1. Works that which God has cursed and rejected

2. Humanism, dead works, men trying to impress God with earthly natural things

3. Vain religion (form of godliness)

4. Cain brought what he worked up in his flesh

D. Abel caused the sheep to graze

1. Brings what God wants — blood sacrifice

2. Without the shedding of blood there is no remission

3. If it is not through the blood you have nothing

4. God is only impressed by the blood

5. The power of the blood

6. Raising up something he is not responsible for birthing or creating — (Just the life that came from God is given back to God)

7. To please God you must give Him what He wants

E. Cain’s sacrifice was rejected

F. God is not a respecter of persons (not prejudiced) but he is a respecter of principles

1. If you do what I do you can get what I got

2. People have a problem with you when you get blessed

3. When Abel won the favor of God, Cain got an attitude

4. Once you find out what God likes, give Him what He wants

G. Faith

1. By faith Abel offered a more excellent sacrifice

2. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God

3. God had caused these brothers to know what was an acceptable sacrifice

4. If it is by faith there must be a word that precedes faith

5. God asked Cain why are you mad, you act like it is impossible to be blessed. If you do what I said you can still have a blessing — He is a respecter of principles.

E. If we offer what God has required He will bless it

F. You have to be willing to receive blessing even if it brings criticism and contradiction

1. Don’t forfeit the bless, stick with what is working

2. I will offer a sacrifice of praise if I got to praise Him by myself

3. I’m blessed everywhere I go and I won’t stop praising the Lord

4. Somebody’s jealous but they don’t know what you went through to get what you got

5. You might be broke, busted and disgusted but you got to get up and praise the Lord

IV. Sin problem

A. If thou does not well, sin lies at the door — we were born into sin

B. Until Jesus died (type of second son) sin was still an issue

C. God was pacified with all the sacrifices of the Old Testament but not satisfied

D. Jesus is the only priest that was the offerer and the offering

1. He went into the holiest of all once and for all with His own blood and perfected forever them that are sanctified

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