Summary: At look at life before and after Christ

What we were before Christ...

1. We were DISTANT (v. 12a)

2. We were DISCONNECTED (v. 12b)

3. We were DOOMED (v. 12c)

A. We had no hope.

B. We had no God.

What we are after Christ...

1. We are CLOSE (v. 13)

2. We are CONNECTED (v. 14-18)

A. Christ tore down the barriers between man and God (v. 14-15a)

B. Christ reconciled man to God and to each other (v. 15b-16)

C. Christ provided peace between God and man (v. 17)

D. Christ gave man access to God (v. 18)

3. We are CITIZENS (v. 19-22)

A. As a citizen, I’m in God’s family (v. 19).

B. As a citizen, I have a foundation on which to build my life (v. 20).

C. As a citizen, I’ve become a dwelling place for God (v. 21-22).

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