3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: This message is a call to be Christians who care for others to go to places and to people in Jesus name and show real aftercare to a hurting world.

Cultivating a life of care

Luke 17:11-19.

Here we see Jesus traveling along the border of Galilee and Samaria, where he would enter a village and minister to 10 lepers and the remarkable would take place they would be healed of their leprosy. Here we see the aftercare of Jesus ministering to those in need of His mercy. Here Jesus literally fullfiling the Gospel that the Son of Man came to seek and to find those who were lost.

As Christians we need to be like Jesus here in that we need to be cultivating a life of care towards others.

1. He cares for you.

First thing to note is that Jesus cares for you whoever you are. He travels right across the border of Samaria and Galilee and meets with 10 lepers one of which was a Samaritan. Here we see a double whammy a Samaritan and 10 men with leprosy both a definate No No one of those avoid situations at all possible cost.

The stigma upon such people would have been immense “they would have considered that person to be cursed by God. Not only have they leprosey but they are also Samaritans. Having Leprosy is like aids today a terrifying disease because there was no known cure

In those day’s these lepors would have been banished to a community of lepors. Could it be that this village was actually a community of lepors? Although it does’nt say it could well be on the boarder of Galilee and Samaria. Whatever it is Jesus enters into an area with serious disease prevails, into a community of lepors.

Whatever the situation Jesus has time for these lepors he stopped and spoke with them, granted their request for pity in this act He demonstrates real care for these men.

Look we must be those like Jesus caring for others who are rejected by society, being prepared to go to places and into communities that are ostriszed and rejected by others and show real care in Jesus name.

Many people face rejection today in our world abandoned due to their culture, creed or condition. These children in Uganda have been left alone due to their parents lost due to AIDS. Yet the good news here is that Christians like LINDA are stepping in and demonstrating the compassion of Jesus. And we too can be part of the care for others by supporting Linda today.

People might not have leprosy today in our own society, but there are still those that people often consider the untouchables people with aids, the disabled, the elderly, certain ethnic groups the growing yob culture but rather than keeping our distance shouldn’t we be moving into these areas and demonstrating the care of Jesus to those who by society at large are rejected?

I think Jesus resonates so much with these people, because Jesus Himself knows all about rejection. Jhn1v12. He came to his own. But his own received Him not. As Isaiah says He was despised and rejected as a man familiar like with grief.

There are countless men women and children in this world who have been rejected but have come to experience the care and love of Jesus and as a result of that have gone out to demonstrate the love and care of Jesus to others, will you be doing the same? Jesus cares; do you care for others whoever they are?

2. He cares in the depth of suffering (By his actions)

In the story before us: Jesus leaves Galilee for the last time heading to Jerusalem he passes through Samaria He meets 10 men with leprosy these men would have been the outcasts of society. They had to stay away from other people even live in a separate community dependant on the form of leprosy they had everywhere they travelled they announced their presence by ringing a bell and crying out “unclean.” We see the men crying to Jesus to take pity on them although deadened to their own physical pain the mental suffering and scars must have been immense on these men.

• Why doesn’t God stop the suffering? Why doesn’t God do something? He has, he has made you to do something about it.... Linda is going to Uganda to do something for those who have suffered at a very young age. It reminds me this month I ordered a new..... Dell laptop last month and with it I got a three year aftercare package any problems call out and will fix it. AS Christians we need to be those with a real aftercare package towards others and of course Jesus is our great example of aftercare to those who have broken down in life.

Jesus is concerned about your suffering. When you read the 4 Gospels? You can’t help to be moved by the care of Jesus for those who in particular in the depth of suffering: A bleeding woman, people with disease, a dying child, mental anguish, demon possessed, the blind, the paralysed and even the outcasts of society these lepers. Jesus demonstrated real aftercare package when others wouldn’t give a 2nd thought.

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