Summary: We’re focused on so many things outwardly that it’s a challenge for us to focus inwardly.

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This past week my wife got me an amazing little device… you’ve probably heard of it… it’s called

an iPhone. It’s remarkable. You can connect to anything… anywhere. There’s one button for email

… another text… (one button connection with the thousand contacts I have on my phone.. … some

I actually know)… another web (where there are now 165 million websites… and countless web

pages)… another YouTube video (note: Americans viewed more than 11.4 billion videos for a total

duration of 558 million hours during the month of July 2008… 1.2 million self published videos in

2007 alone)… another for weather anywhere… another maps (satellite zoom onto any location on

the earth). It’s even a phone.

It can send me everywhere …. everywhere out there… but potentially at the cost of anything

inwardly. (Kind of ironic that it’s called the “I” phone… because it connects me to everything

but myself.) Nothing that really connects me to myself… and no button for God.

I think it can reflect our own challenge of seeking to connect with God. Our attention is sent

outward… and has a hard time being present.

Continuing series… ‘Becoming friends with God’… focused on developing intimacy… walking in

companionship-like relationship.

As much as we naturally desire to engage God’s presence… I wonder if we are present.

It’s common to ask the question ‘Where is God?’…. but interesting that the first question in the

story (Bible) is that of God asking the first human lives… ‘Where are you?’

It may be helpful to think a little bit about the nature of feelings.

One of the things that some of us may struggle with is ‘feeling’ close to God.

It’s such a natural desire. However, I think we need to stop and reflect on that desire… that

expectation a bit.

What role do feelings play in life?

As we all know… they are a complicated part of our human experience.

I want to take A Closer Look at Feelings…

I. Allowing Feelings to Direct Rather Than Distract

Feelings regarding closeness are a subjective reflection of our complex internal state.

If I ask whether you “FEEL” close to a spouse… friend… or anyone… the answer as to what you

feel reflects many things that are at work inside you… more than simply whether the other person is


• When we feel discouraged or disappointed… we can become detached. (The very word

‘discouragement’ reflects the loss of courage… even courage to engage God.)

• When we feel guilt and shame … we can become avoidant.

• When we feel anxious … we can become ‘flooded’ with internal thoughts and lose the ability to

center our attention on anything or anyone.

The point is that feelings do NOT reflect objective closeness… connection.

Feelings reflect many things that interact with our connection to another, but are not the

connection itself.

• Like the buttons on my iPhone… they can send me many places… except where I am.

This may help us to understand why Jesus never simply promised that we can FEEL close to God…

but rather that we can BE close to God.

The issue isn’t whether we place too much or too little value on feelings, but how we

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