Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Three examples for Dads

DAD: Man of the Home

Ps 128

INTRO: Top Ten Ways to Intimidate Your Daughter’s Date When He Comes to Pick Her Up: Richard V. obviously hasn’t done any of this.

I must have Others listen & learn

10. Sprinkle some dust on your daughter before she leaves. Explain, “It makes fingerprinting easier.”

9. Challenge him at arm wrestling.

8. Introduce him to your good friend Tony Soprano.

7. Answer the door wearing a police swat team uniform.

6. Casually show him your collection of five shrunken heads, then yell up to your daughter, “Number six is here!”

5. Come to the door bare-chested. Do a lot of flexing.

4. Introduce him to the family by calling each family member to the living room using a whistle, then making them stand at attention and salute.

3. Have the funeral home director over to measure the young man.

2. Answer the door in a straight-jacket.

1. As they leave, speak into a walkie-talkie: “Subject is wearing khakis and a blue polo shirt, driving a green Ford.”

**Another list A survey of elementary children was conducted a few years ago which indicated the ten most appreciated qualities for Dads:

1. He takes time for me.

2. He listens to me.

3. He plays with me.

4. He invites me to go places with him.

5. He lets me help him.

6. He treats my mother well.

7. He lets me say what I think.

8. He’s nice to my friends.

9. He only punishes me when I deserve it.

10. He isn’t afraid to admit when he’s wrong.

*Normal childhood? In a New Yorker magazine cartoon, a young child interrupts his dad’s reading of the evening paper with a question: “Dad, am I experiencing a normal childhood?” We dads might ask ourselves, “Am I a normal parent?”

1. We as Christian parents don’t want to be normal as in the

world’s standard of normal.

a. We want to be different unique even abnormal If our homes

are to be biblically based it will be different from the world

2. As a child I did NOT grow up in a Christian home

a. So when it was time for me to have my own home

1. Raise my children, I had not experienced a Christian home

2. I have tried to be different than that of my own upbringing in many ways

a. There was new vocabulary, no cussing, no drinking

b. new priorities, Prayer, Church and the Lordship of Christ

3. Yet there has been times I have reverted back to the way I was raised

a. Instead of reasoning, biblical guidance for direction I would bull

my way with the power & authority of a Big man & the Father figure

3. Men We have a lot of learning to do to be the fathers we

need to be, should be & God desires us to be

No amount of success in this world can compensate for failure in the home

4. What are our priorities for our children & grandchildren?

B. Do a quick study of 3 bible Dads

1. There are a lot of subjects I could use

a. mistakes bible dads

1. Lot chose wrong

2. Eli taught wrong

3. Samuel didn’t learn from Eli’s mistakes

4. Isaac had his favorite

b. Some Good Bible Dads (none perfect)

1. Abraham the father of the faithful

2. Job blessed God & bless His children

3. David was loyal even to a fault

4. Solomon had much wisdom to teach

5. Jairus was a desperate father

6. The Prodigal’s unconditional love

7. God the Father

2. But I chose 3 others for the traits they displayed in their life

a. Joshua, the leader

b. Joseph the Silent one

c. the Jailer the Repentant one

I. Joshua the Leader Father Joshua 24:14-18 v15

A. He is determined to do it right

1. Thankful for Dads that in spite of the temptations of success, the

opportunities to mix up the priorities & could give in to all the

psychologist who tries to tell us their opinion of the right way to be dad

a. Chooses to follow the beat of a different drummer,

1. They choose to follow heaven’s example

2. Joshua is ready to stand up against the odds and do what is

right, no matter what others think or say

a. that crowd may include his own family

b. to go against traditions, habits & community

3. He had his house unified, committed and ready to go where

the Lord led

B. Joshua took his responsibility as priest of the home seriously

1. As Abraham exerted His faith over his home

a. Joshua did the same

2. As Job prayed for His family

a. Joshua is seeking the Lord’s blessings for his household

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