Summary: Cover chapter 2 of Daniel. Daniel reveals the kings dreama and interpretation by trusting in the Lord to reveal the truth to him.

Rev. Jeff Simms 1/16/05 pm

SBC Philippi

Nebuchadnezzar Has A Dream

Daniel 2

Primary Purpose: To see God is the revealer of all mysteries and has all knowledge.

In this passage, Daniel has now been in captivity for about 3 years. It is around 603 B.C. or in the second year of the reign of Nebuchadnezzar. Daniel’s time of training is just about up or has recently been completed. He is not yet considered one of the king’s magicians or wise men because he is not a part of the original group that the king calls forward. Daniel only hears about the king’s decree after it has been written v.13-14. Here we see Daniel, who is in a desperate situation with his life at risk rely upon the Lord. As a result his life is not only spared, but he and his friends are exalted to new positions of authority.

This section begins a section that was originally written in Aramaic. Daniel 2:1 through 7:28 is an entire section written in Aramaic. The rest of the book is written in Hebrew. We see that the Jews started to use Aramaic when they entered Babylon into captivity. It was the language of commerce at that time. Some would suggest that because it is written in two different languages that it was written by someone else, but the style of writing is the same. It seems that this section was written in Aramaic because the prophecy in this section deals with not only Jews, but with all people. The dream and interpretation in this chapter deals with all people and to role of God is the life of all living people. (Information taken from sermon by Dr.Criswell, “Daniel’s Critics in the Fiery Furnace” preached 12/8-96 reference Daniel 2:1-7)

We will divide this second chapter into four parts:

I. Nebuchadnezzar has a dream and struggles to understand it. v.1-15 Some have suggested that when the king asked the wise men to give the dream and the interpretation that he doesn’t remember the dream. But, notice in v.3 he says to the wise men “I have had a dream that troubles me and I want to know what it means.” The request is that he wants to know the meaning of the dream. It seems that he has decided that the only way to tell if they really know what the dream means is if they can tell him what the dream was also. It doesn’t to me suggest that he had forgotten the dream, only that he is testing the interpreters. How else would he know if they were to make something up and then interpret it?

As we come to a conclusion of the discussion between sorcerers and the king we realize the situation has become desperate,not only for the wise men who were there, but for Daniel as well. The king ordered that all the wise men in his kingdom to be executed. Not only that, but their homes will be reduced to a pile of rubble.This was certainly a rash order, but it was to be in effect immediately. Daniel had to go before the king and beg for more time, which the king graciously allows v.16.

II. The Mystery is Revealed to Daniel by God. v.16-23- Daniel stresses to his friends the need to plead with God to reveal this mystery v.18. In his words of praise to God and then later, Daniel stresses that God is the one who gives wisdom and reveals truth and dreams. Daniel goes to the Lord in this time of crisis.

v.22 Daniel stresses that God reveals deep and hidden things. Later, he says the same thing to Nebuchadnezaar v.27-28. He calsl the Lord again, “the revealer of mysteries” v.29. Again, in v.45 Daniel stresses “the Great God has shown the king what will take place in the future.” The stress is not laid on Daniel. Daniel realizes that nothing is impossible for God nor are there any mysteries with God.

III. Daniel reveals the dream and interpretation to the king v.24-45

Daniel stresses to the king that the dream was not revealed to him because he was wiser than other men v.30. Daniel, in all that he does, gives credit to God for exalting some men over others v.21. He says he is the one who gives wisdom v.21b. Then, he also stresses to King Nebuchadnezzar, that while he is a great king who has great authority, it is God who gave him that power and dominion v.37-38.

Daniel mentions to the king that 3 other kingdom would follow him, but he is the head of gold. Other kingdoms appear to be:

the Persians, the Greeks and the Romans.

In v.44 he says that in the time of this last kingdom the Lord would set up a kingdom that would never be destroyed and so he did with the appearance of Jesus during the time of the Roman empire. Jesus’ kingdom is the kingdom that will endure forever v.44.

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