Summary: A chapter by chapter examination outline of Daniel and the keys to Revelation.

Daniel Survey

Chapter 1 Outline

Rev. Bruce A. Shields

First Baptist Church of Tawas City Michigan

Daniel is more than just facts and dates.

Chapters 1-6 Stories – How to prepare for the end time

Chapters 7-12 Prophecies – When/what signs of the end

Jesus told us to study and understand Daniel.

Matthew 24

Purpose of prophecy

1. To enable God’s people to prepare for the future.

1 Thessalonians 5:3, 4

2. To build confidence in the Bible.

John 14:29

o What council did Jesus give regarding Daniel’s prophecy?

‘To read and understand Daniel’

Matthew 24:15

o What specific times do Daniel’s prophecies apply to?

‘The end times’

Daniel 12:4-13

Two Cities / Two Kings


King Nebuchadnezzar

King of Babylon

Center of rebellion

Against God

Wrong Jerusalem

King Jehoiakim

King of Judah

City of truth

Obedience to God


Why does wrong seem to triumph over right?

If God is good then why do bad things happen to good people?

The outcome of the battle does not determine the outcome of the war!

The war is already won, but how do we live until then?

Daniel chapter 1 is a picture of today’s society.

Babylon overthrew Jerusalem, King Nebuchadnezzar brought captives back to train and send them back as puppet leaders.

These teens were brainwashed into Babylonian society and religion.

But some would not break.

Their names in Hebrew were constant reminders of who they were and who they belonged to.

Daniel = “God is my Judge”

So Nebuchadnezzar ordered their names to be changed to reflect Babylonian gods.

Daniel 1:6, 7

Daniel – God is my judge.

Belteshazzar – Keeper of the hid treasures of Bel (Daniel 1:2).

Hannaniah – The Lord is gracious unto me.

Shadrach – Inspiration of the Sun (god).

Mishael (Michael) – God like qualities/Characters of God.

Meshach – Servant of the goddess of Sheba.

Azariah – The Lord is my helper.

Abednego – Servant of Nebo.

Daniel chapter 1 starts our story in turmoil such as today.

Daniel was a man far from home. His heart was not in the world he was in. Evil influences surrounded him.

Surrounded by evil, corruption and in a godless society, Daniel had to decide how he was going to live.

Daniel 1:8

He purposed in his heart.

He decided, determined and chose to serve God.

Heart = seat of intellect and emotions.

Proverbs 23:7

The battle is not just around us, but in our minds.

Daniel chose not to defile himself.

He did not give in to the pressure and conform to society.

But for God to work and give to us whatever is between us and God must be removed.

The obstacle in Daniel’s case was food that was offered to idols, in our case today it would be any sin.

Daniel 1:16, 17

The hindrance, the obstacle between Daniel and God was taken away in 16.

The meat was from idol worship, and unclean and not Kosher.

Eating it would have been idolatrous.

In 17 God gave.

Daniel Chapter 1 shows us;


1. Determine to please God

2. Allow God to take away the obstacles

3. Open your heart to receive God’s blessings

Daniel chapter 1 begins with the defeat of God’s city Jerusalem, Daniel and his friends in captivity, and evil holding the scepter.

But we close with;

Daniel 1:20, 21

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