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Daniel Survey

Chapter 4 Outline

Rev. Bruce A. Shields

First Baptist Church of Tawas City Michigan


Daniel chapter 4 is a story about a man who was called by God.

This chapter was not written by Daniel, but by Nebuchadnezzar.

Chapter 4 is Nebuchadnezzar’s conversion story, a heathen King transformed by God’s power.

This story teaches us that if there is hope for Nebuchadnezzar there is hope for us.

He was wicked, idolatrous, evil and rebellious, but he was transformed by God.

God can call your name, and change your life.

4:3 tells us how great God is.

4:4 Nebuchadnezzar had no thoughts of God because his life was good. He had everything his eyes and heart wanted.

But one night through a dream God broke through. (Chapter 2)

We all have wake-up calls in life.

4:5-8 Nebuchadnezzar’s story.

He calls everyone to his court once again to interoperate his dream.

He did not learn from Chapter 2 to call on God first.

He calls Daniel last.

:10-16 Nebuchadnezzar’s 2nd dream is described.

A great tree

A heavenly being pronounces judgment

The tree is cut down

Only a stump remains

:17 to the intent = for the purpose of

The purpose of this dream was to reveal God as the true King of the universe and as a warning to Nebuchadnezzar.

Dan 1 – defeat into victory – God is to be praised

Dan 2 – Great dream – God the revealer

Dan 3 – Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego saved by Christ – God the redeemer

Dan 4 – 2nd Great dream – God is the Ruler

Nebuchadnezzar had not acknowledged God as King of his heart, so God gave him this dream.

:19 Daniel understood the interpretation, but knew he could not influence his enemy unless he loved him.

Daniel was not bitter about what had happened to hi in his life, so he gave the interpretation to the dream to Nebuchadnezzar gently.

God never treats us the way we deserve, but always in love.

;20 the tree is Nebuchadnezzar

:23 cutting down represents God’s judgment upon Nebuchadnezzar

:25 Nebuchadnezzar will live as a beast for 7 years.

:26 the stump represents his kingdom will remain although he will be removed so he can one day be restored.

The band of iron and brass;

Iron always = authority or ruler ship in the Bible

Brass = Cleansing protection

God was going to protect what remained of Nebuchadnezzar’s kingdom until he was restored, protecting it from being overthrown.

:27 But God makes an appeal to Nebuchadnezzar.

This dream did not HAVE to come true. God was saying this is what WILL happen if he didn’t repent and acknowledge God as HIS KING, King of his heart.

God’s grace gave him the opportunity to change.

God doesn’t cause these things in our lives, but He doesn’t prevent them because He knows they will draw us to Him.

This was God’s warning to Nebuchadnezzar.

God loves us so much He would rather have us go though some disappointment, discouragement & sorrow if necessary so we turn to Him & spend eternity with Him, rather than go through life on a joy ride and be lost for eternity.

:28-29 He had the dream, was told what it meant, understood what he was told, but went on for 12 months!

12 months of God’s grace for him to respond.

But he didn’t change.

God’s grace IS NOT God’s approval.

Nebuchadnezzar went ahead boldly, arrogantly and defiantly.

:30 arrogance and pride of Nebuchadnezzar, his boastful claim.

Babylon is in modern day Iraq. They have discovered bricks from Babylon inscribed with Nebuchadnezzar’s name on every one of them.

He forgot God

:31 everything was taken away.

He failed to repent.

Turned his back on God’s mercy.

He lost everything in an instant.


Lycanthropic Insanity

An individual perceives themselves to be an animal usually part of the cat family. There is a neglect of personal hygiene. The individual walks on all fours, associates with the animal kingdom and behaves like an animal.

Doran’s Medical Dictionary

God allowed this disease to fall upon Nebuchadnezzar.

For 7 years.

In pride and arrogance and sin, Nebuchadnezzar lost it all.

The same happened with Adam and Eve.

Our nature was changed by sin.

But there is hope!

:34 Nebuchadnezzar looked to heaven, and praised God!

God made him a new creature.

He was transformed.

This is a story of salvation.

Through our sin our nature is transformed, and through our salvation our nature is restored!

We cannot change ourselves.

Only God can change us.

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