Summary: Daniel’s final and most complete vision of the time of the end

Daniel Chapter 10-12 ‘Daniel’s Final Vision’

Chapter10-The Introduction-‘Spiritual Warfare’

I. The Setting of the Vision (v.1-4)

A. The Third Year of Cyrus King of Persia [Precise Year]

B. The Thing Was Revealed [Unveiled, Opened Up]

C. The Thing Was True [Certain, Sure, Reliable]

D. The Time Appointed Was Long [A Great, Long, Strenuous Conflict/Warfare Is Indicated]

E. The Thing Was Understood [Full Comprehension]

F. The Vision Was Understood [Method of Understanding Came In Vision]

G. The Preparation of Daniel (v.2,3) [21 Days of Mourning & Fasting/Similar Discipline 1:8,12,9:3]

H. The Time & Place of the Vision [Precise Day, Month & Location] (v.4)

II. The Appearance of The Lord [Christophany] (v.5,6; Ezek 1:26-28; Rev 1:13-15)

A. Man clothed in linen…Girded with fine gold [Appearing in His Role as High Priest]

B. His body…His face…His eyes…His arms…His feet…His words [Appearing in His Role as Judge]

III. The Effects of the Christophany (v.7-9)

A. Impact on Men with Daniel: ‘Great quaking (fear/terror)…they fled to hide…’(Acts 9:7,22:9)

B. Impact on Daniel: ‘No strength…comeliness (face) turned into corruption (deathly pale)’(Rev 1:17)

IV. The Angel’s Compassionate Communication (v.10-12)

A. He touched Daniel [Set me upon my knees…palms of my hands]

B. He spoke to Daniel [Greatly beloved; understand…stand upright…]

V. The Angelic Conflict in the Heavenlies (v.13,20,21)

A. Prince (Demonic Adversary Archangel) of the Kingdom of Persia Withstood (21) Days (v.13a)

B. Michael (Israel’s Prince (v.21) Advocate Archangel) one of the Chief Princes came to help me (v.13b)

C. I (Angel) will return to fight with the Prince of Persia (v.20)

VI. The Purpose of the Vision (v.14)

A. Make thee understand the vision

B. What shall befall thy people in the latter days/end times

VII. The Heavenly Dialogue & Angelic Ministry (v.15-21)

A. Effect on Daniel and His Response (v.15-17)

B. The Angel’s Explanation (v.18-21)

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