Summary: Daniel describes the rise, rule and ruin of the Antichrist

Daniel Chapter 8- Daniel’s Vision of World History Relative to Israel

I. Daniel’s Vision of Fulfilled History (v.1-14)

A. The Setting of the Vision (v.1,2)

B. The Focus of the Vision Narrows from Chapter 2 & 7 (v.3-8)

C. The Little Horn [Antiochus Epiphanes: Type of the Antichrist] Described (v.9-12)

1. Out of one of them (Isaiah 10:12, 14:24-27, Micah 5:5-7)

2. Waxed exceeding great

3. Toward the south, and toward the west, and toward the pleasant/beautiful land [The Holy Land]

4. Waxed great even to the host of heaven…

5. Magnified himself even to the Prince of the host

6. Daily sacrifice was taken away

7. His sanctuary cast down

8. Host was given him against the daily sacrifice

9. Cast down the truth to the ground

10. Practiced and prospered

D. The Time/Length of the Vision (v.13,14)

II. Daniel’s Vision Interpreted (v.15-26)

A. The Scene of the Interpretation (v.15-19)

B. The Historical Fulfillment (v.20-22)

C. The End Times Fulfillment (v.23-26)

1. When the transgressors are come to the full

2. King of fierce countenance

3. Understanding dark sentences (Rev 13:2)

4. Mighty in power but not by his own power

5. He shall destroy wonderfully

6. He shall prosper and practice

7. He shall destroy the mighty and the holy people (Rev 12:17)

8. He shall cause craft to prosper

9. He shall magnify himself in his heart

10. By peace he shall destroy many

11. He shall stand up against the Prince of princes

12. He shall be broken without hand (Daniel 2:34,35,7:11,26; Rev 17:14, 19:19,20)

III. Daniel’s Instruction and the Effects of the Vision (v.26, 27)

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