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During the Korean War, I read where many of our soldiers under the awful

brainwashing of the North Koreans were not able to remain loyal to the


Some cursed their country, some spit upon the flag and some even disowned

their mothers.

I am not criticizing these men, for like the Indian said,

‘Don’t criticize another Indian until you walked a mile in his


But what I am saying is where these men failed under this pressure, Daniel

under pressure remained loyal, and faithful to God.

An unknown author compiled the following list, "You Know It’s Going

to be a Bad Day When"

You wake up by falling out of bed

You put both contact lenses in the same eye

The bird singing outside your window is a buzzard

You call the suicide hotline and they put you on hold

Your horn goes off and remains stuck as you follow a group of bikers on

the freeway

Your boss tells you not to bother taking your coat off

Daniel had a real bad day when he faced the lion’s den but he

remained true.

Some OT characters such David teach us not only by their goodness but by

their sins, but Daniel inspires us by his victories over temptation. In

our text, he is called by God, "Daniel the beloved." Let us look tonight

and see why he is called the beloved of God.


Joke- A mother was teaching her child to pray. When he got to the part, "I

surrender everything to Thee, everything I own," he abruptly broke off and

whispered to himself, "except my baby rabbit."

Daniel wan’t dedicated just partly, but he went all the way with the

Lord in his dedication. By the way he was between 80 and 90 years of age.

We need that kind of dedication in our day.


These men trapped him because they knew he would to be true to the Word of


ILLUSTRATION: Proven True In Unusual Ways- A Haifa policeman, well versed

in the Bible, managed to track down a band of smugglers by applying a

passage from the Prophets. The gang used an ass drawn caravan to cross the

border into Israel and the policeman was able to capture some of the asses

but the smugglers got away. The cop let the beasts of burden go without

food for several days and then turned them free. And just as predicted in

Isaiah: "The ox knoweth his owner, and the ass his master's crib;" the

starving animals led police directly to the smuggler's hideout.

If you can't believe what God says in Gen. 1 when he speaks about the

earth, how can you believe what God says in Rev. 22 when he speaks about

heaven? If you can't believe what God says in the first eleven chapters of

the Genesis then how can you be confident in John 3:16? But we know that

It is the whole truth.

ILLUSTRATION: Bailey smith was flying on a trip and was seated next to a

liberal preacher. The stewardess asked them if they wanted cocktails. The

liberal preacher said he would take one. Brother Smith told her no. The

liberal preacher told him you must be a Baptist. Brother Smith replied,

yes I am a Baptist but more than than, I am a Christian and I believe the

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