Summary: We must live our lives in service and devotion to God, no matter the consequences.

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Dare to Be a Daniel

March 1, 2009 Morning Service

Immanuel Baptist Church, Wagoner, OK

Rick Boyne

Message Point: We must live our lives in service and devotion to God, no matter the consequences.

Focus Passage: Daniel 6

Supplemental Passage:

Introduction: Several years ago, in Long Beach, California, a fellow went into a fried chicken place and bought a couple of chicken dinners for himself and his date late one afternoon. The young woman at the counter inadvertently gave him the proceeds from the day-a whole bag of money (much of it cash) instead of fried chicken. After driving to their picnic site, the two of them sat down to open the meal and enjoy some chicken together. They discovered a whole lot more than chicken--over $800! But he was unusual. He quickly put the money back in the bag. They got back into the car and drove all the way back. Mr. Clean got out, walked in, and became an instant hero. By then the manager was frantic. The guy with the bag of money looked the manager in the eye and said, "I want you to know I came by to get a couple of chicken dinners and wound up with all this money. Here." Well, the manager was thrilled to death. He said, "Oh, great, let me call the newspaper. I’m gonna have your picture put in the local newspaper. You’re the most honest man I’ve heard of." To which they guy quickly responded, "Oh no, no, don’t do that!" Then he leaned closer and whispered, "You see, the woman I’m with is not my wife...she’s uh, somebody else’s wife."

I. Daniel chose Character over Comfort

a. Integrity - No skeletons in the closet; nothing to hide

b. Exemplary life – everyone else around was simply mediocre

c. It is easy to compromise when certain behavior is the accepted norm.

II. Daniel chose Discipline over Disorder

a. Vs. 10 says Daniel prayed 3 times a day AS HE HAD BEEN DOING.

b. Most failure can be traced to lack of discipline. (think of a sports team that isn’t disciplined, or a child)

c. Areas were we need more discipline: tongue (gossip), devotional life, church life

III. Daniel chose Love over Life

a. Daniel knew about the law, but prayed anyway! Vs 10

b. He chose God over ambitions, peer pressure and even over life itself

Invitation: What is it costing you to be a follower of Jesus Christ? Are we guilty of making Christianity a “religion of convenience”? Have we replaced self-denial with self-service? There will be times when we will face the consequences of following God. Of serving Him instead of ourselves. It won’t be pleasant. But we must be faithful to Him Who is faithful to us!

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