Summary: A complete order of service and talks for an All Age Service on peer pressure and who to/not to follow. Email me for files and PowerPoints

All Age Worship 10 oct 2004 Order of Service

Ewen Intro (PowerPoint)

Robin Songs

• Holy holy holy, Lord God almighty

• Come now is the time to worship

• Lord you have my heart (chorus only)


Drama The advert

Ewen Talk 1 – part 1

• I’m special

Talk 1 – part 2 (incl reading Rom 12 reading Paul Tipple)

Robin Songs

• Our God is a great big God

Ewen Talk 2

(incl Rebel drama)

Robin Chocolate bar


• We’ve got a lot of hope

• All to Jesus I surrender (1 verse and chorus only)

Ewen Talk 3

Jesus Walks (PowerPoint /Songpro)

Robin Prayer

• I am a new creation

• Beautiful Lord


Slide 1

Brief intro slide: (Bring up slide as Ewen gets up to speak)

DARE TO BE DIFFERENT (ppt- as Ewen begins to speak)

We want to talk to you, this morning, about:

being different… standing out from the crowd… being special.

Want to talk to you about 3 things

How you are FORMED (PPT)

About the things that will try and ‘stop you being you’ – the things that will try and make you CONFORM (PPT)- “peer pressure”, and the like. (Negative influences)

Positive influences: things and people that will help you TRANSFORM (PPT) into what you want to be… And should be


Slide 1


Just briefly show overview slide as Ewen gets up to speak

Slide 2


PPT (‘Formed’ comes up)

(PPT) God made you who you are

and that’s very special

even when you were in your mother’s womb (PPT)

God saw you

God knew you

He knows all about the events in your life:

the pains: allowed them

the blessings: sent them

the difficulties: used them

He knows about all your thoughts… deeds

good and bad!


He loves YOU (PPT- surprised face)

loves you as YOU (not someone else!) (PPT- heart comes in)

loves you as the only one! (would have died for you if only one)

Slide 3

whatever shape, size, colour you are (PPT)

God loves you

He knows the hairs on your head… and knows you uniquely (PPT baby)

God made you unique- and good (PPT finger print and ‘it was good’)

Slide 4

PPT brings you to blank screen

trouble is- we don’t often want to be different… unique… ourselves

want to be someone else

or: want to be like everyone else

feel ‘I’m too fat, skinny, intelligent’ or whatever (PPT- bottom!)

But- God loves you- so love yourself! (PPT)

SING: I’m special (and then followed by short ppt to close mini-talk 1)


Slide 1

Having sung: I’m special

God has made you just as you are: and He couldn’t love you more (even if you were perfect)

but His work hasn’t finished:

He is making you who He wants you to be (PPT)

READ: Roms 12:1-2 (PPT as reader opens Bible)

God loves you as you are but loves you too much to leave you as you are

I’m not talking about physically (unless you really don’t eat healthily and never do any exercise- because our bodies ARE described as the temple of the HS)

= mentally, attitudes, the things that influence us, ‘who pulls our strings’, who we follow, anger, selfishness etc

He loves YOU… US –but doesn’t like some of these things

and so He is working to change us (PPT sad smiley-> happy smiley)

to ‘transform’ us


Slide 1

Just briefly show overview slide

Slide 2


PPT (‘CONFORM’ comes up)

God made us who we are and is making us what He wants us to be

Only trouble is (PPT ‘the trouble with us)

we sometimes don’t like who we are

not happy with being ‘unique’

feel we ‘stand out’

want to ‘blend in’

(whatever our age)

don’t want to be the ‘odd one out’ (PPT- odd penguin)

This actually applies to us all! Adults just hide it better

as teenagers say we want to be a rebel.. different


= just the same as all our other friends

(perhaps, really, we just want to be different from our parents- and that’s okay

DRAMA: Rebel?!

Slide 3

The trouble with THEM (PPT) -all them out there- is

THEY want us to be just like them

our friends (so they don’t feel left out… because they feel insecure) (PPT, piggies)

so it MATTERS if you have different shoes- even if yours are better or were considered trendy by previous teenagers (PPT- shoes)

(don’t worry- it’s no big deal!)

and they may want you to smoke… even try drugs along with them

so they won’t be alone in their ‘brain dead world’ (PPT-drugs)

If anyone ever offers you these kind of things- you must realise, they don’t care about YOU, they just want you to be LIKE them so they aren’t the odd one out

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