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Summary: Without a dream (vision) we are still and dead. If we are to stay motivated, strong, and true to our God we must have a dream.

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Genesis 37: 5-11

Introduction: When we are children we have great dreams.

When born-again we are given a new dream; (Heaven)

A woman told her husband, I dreamed you gave me a gold necklace

What do you think it means?”

“I don’t know, Valentine’s Day is coming soon, maybe you’ll find out

The next day she said; “I dreamed you gave me a pearl necklace.

What do you think that means?”

“You will know Valentine’s day ,” He replied.

The night before Valentine’s Day, “This time I dreamed that you brought me a diamond necklace. What do you think it means?”

“Honey, be patient. "You’ll know tomorrow”

For Valentine’s he gave her a book “The Meaning of Dreams”

As we grow, often times our dreams grow dim and distant:

1. Through tragedies

2. Through trials

3. Through temptations

T.S. All men, women, boy & girl must have a dream, a vision, a goal “It helps to realize that everything that is now possible, was at one time impossible. In every case someone, somewhere, dared to dream, dared to imagine something a little better, a little different."

If we are to stay motivated, strong, and true to our God we must have a dream.


A. Direction

B. Life

C. Desires of the heart

D. Motivation

E. A Goal

F. (Proverbs 29:18) Where there is no vision, the people perish….


A. Godly dreams will be tested

B. The pit (Gen. 37:24)

C. The selling (Gen. 37:28)

D. The Temptation (Gen. 39:7)

E. The Prison (Gen. 39:20)

F. Forgotten (Gen. 40:23)


A. He remained focused on The Lord (41:41)

B. 13 Years had passed

1. He didn’t forsake his Faith

2. He didn’t forsake his Heritage

3. He didn’t forget his Dream

C. He had not forgotten the dream

1. A dream of divine favor

2. A dream of divine purpose

D. He remained

1. Motivated for God

2. True to God

Closing: Joseph : A type of Christ

1. Both were tempted

2. Both were rejected by their brethren

3. Both were treated unjustly

4. Both were exalted by God

5. Both returned good for evil

Every born-again child of God has a dream, a dream of living in Heaven

Every lost person also dreams of living in Heaven.

What’s the difference between the lost person’s dream & the Christian’s

The saved person’s dream of being in Heaven is from God

The lost person’s dream of being in Heaven is an allusion from the devil

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