Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: A message to challenge the church family to a renewed to devotion to Christ and the Church

Daring Devotion

2 Samuel 23:13-17

A)Let’s begin our study time with a little Bible trivia.

1)Their names were Shammula – Shaphat – Igal – Palti – Gaddi and Ammiel.

These 6, along with 6 others, were involved in one of the most familiar Old Testament stories, a story that even many of our children are familiar with.

A story that produced a strong leader for Jehovah God.

Still not sure?

How many of you think you might be able to come up with the answer if I tell you that 2 of the other 6 were Joshua & Caleb.

With that clue, a number of you knew that I was talking about the 12 men chosen to explore the land of Canaan, as we read about it in Numbers 13.

These men played a big role in the future of the Hebrew people.

B)Turn to the 23rd chapter of 2 Samuel.

1)These are thought to be some of the last words of one of the most well-known men of the Old Testament, David the youngest son of Jesse, the most notable King of Israel.

2)Most all of us here have heard the story of David the shepherd boy killing the 9 foot giant Goliath, the champion fighter of the Philistines. 1 Samuel 17.

This same David had musical ability.

This same David was befriended by Jonathan.

And yes it was this same David who committed adultery with Bathsheba and then went as far as to have her husband killed – hoping to hide what he had done.

And in 2 Samuel 18 – we see the gentle loving side of this man David – the father of Absalom – his rebellious son who had gone to war against his father.

3)These are just a few of the stories written about this great man of God, who from the beginning, was known as “a man after God’s own heart.”

4)But the story I want us to spend some time with, is probably not nearly as familiar as any of the others I have briefly mentioned.

The story found in 2 Samuel 23 is thought to have taken place after a severe 3 year famine and after yet another battle between the Israelites & the Philistines.

In the 1st 7 verses of this chapter we get an idea of what was on the mind of this great man as he realized his life was drawing to a close.

In verses 8-39 – we find a list of the mighty men of David – those men David considered real heroes.

But in verses 13-17 – David is re-living something that had happened during one of his many battles against the Philistines.

5)What we have in these 5 verses, is a meeting between David and 3 of his chief leaders, maybe it was a meeting to plan their strategy against the Philistines.

As they are talking, David becomes thirsty.

And as many of us have done from time to time, he speaks of something that would really help quench his thirst.

He says, without even thinking, You know what would taste good right now – a nice cool drink of water from the well near the gate of Bethlehem. Boy that would sure would taste good.

And notice these 3 men, whose names are not even mentioned, decided to risk their lives to please their king.

They broke through enemy lines, the very camp of the Philistines, got some water from the well and returned to David.

And here in the last part of verse 16, we see that David refused to drink it.

Instead “he poured it out, as an offering before the Lord.”

These 3 men had endeared themselves to David, by putting their lives on the line for him.

They performed a task that he really did not expect them to try.

And David is so overwhelmed by their daring devotion to him, that he pours the water on the ground before Jehovah – as a sacrificial offering, to express thanks to God for allowing the safe return of these devoted followers.

David was overwhelmed by their devotion.

C)I want to consider 3 things about the devotion of these 3 men to their king.

1)And hopefully challenge each of us to be more devoted to our King in the days & weeks & months ahead.

2)The 1st thing I want you to think about is devotion like this will always express itself.

I. Such devotion will always express itself

A)I saw a church sign some time ago that said, "Loyalty is best expressed by service”.

1)Notice nowhere in these 5 verses do we see David asking for volunteers.

Nowhere does he give orders – verbal or written –to have someone do this.

The men hear their king express a simple wish and they demonstrate their devotion or loyalty to him by going after the water.

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