Summary: A close look at the challenges that David faced in his confrontation with Goliath

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Daring Great Things For God

Text: 1 Samuel 17:1-44

Theme: Great causes present great challenges.

I. They challenge our motives – See 1 Samuel 17:1-28. Eliab, David’s oldest brother, asked a question that is relevant to anyone in similar shoes. “Why have you come?” God cares more about our motives than He does our deeds. See Matthew 6:1-18

A. We must not do things to please men. It’s interesting that the people Jesus rebuked in this passage were not doing things that would be considered sinful. They were praying, giving and fasting. Yet Jesus warned them that their deeds would have no eternal impact.

B. We must do things to please God. Christ informs us that we are not to pursue our glory, but God’s. Then we receive heavenly rewards.

II. They challenge our qualifications – See 1 Samuel 17:33-37. Saul was hesitant to send David to fight Goliath, because he questioned the young shepherd’s experience. David explained what our Lord reiterated in John 10:11-13. He was a good shepherd who did not abandon his sheep when they were in peril, but chose to stay and fight a lion and a bear.

III. They challenge our resolve – Se 1 Samuel 17:38-44. Goliath was an experienced warrior who knew how to intimidate his foes. “Am I a dog, that you come to me with sticks?” A person with lesser resolve would have run away, but not David. He understood who would empower him to defeat his enemy…The Lord.

A. God’s victory would remind the world of His existence. They discovered that there is a God in Israel

B. God’s victory would remind Israel of His deliverance. Saul and his army had forgotten what David already knew. The battle is the Lord’s, not theirs.

Application Questions:

1. What are your motives for following Christ?

2. What training are you pursuing to be a better follower of Christ?

3. What is the level of your commitment as a follower of Christ?

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