Summary: We all have shortcomings,imperfections but that does not make us outcasts.We may have bad past but in God’s eyes we are lovely.

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“Dark am I, yet lovely, O daughters of Jerusalem, dark like the tents of Kedar, like the tent curtains of Solomon. Do not stare at me because I am dark, because I am darkened by the sun. My mother’s sons were angry with me and made me take care of the vineyards; my own vineyard I have neglected.” Song of Solomon 1:5-6

I remember long time ago when the elders would be discussing and when a young man wants to add something he would be silenced vehemently because of young age. It wouldn’t matter if the young man’s words are wise.

So many limitations are placed on humanity everyday, restrictions of age, sex, race, tribe etc whether for good or worse they do exist. It doesn’t matter how you look, where you come from, how much your weight is before God you are lovely, wonderfully and fearfully made. If people want to look down upon you and unfairly disqualify you, just tell them do not stare at me because of what I am. Dark I am, yet I am lovely, African I am, yet wise, poor I am yet righteous, single I am yet purposeful.

The Jews fail to realize that Jesus was the prophesied Messiah because of where He came from, Bethlehem of Judea and also because of His parents’, Born of an unpopular virgin young lady and a carpenter father. So many people today are failing too to recognize the same because of many reasons. Allow me to call all those different reasons Dark things. If your background makes you think that you cannot make it in life call that a Dark thing, if your physical handicapped makes you feel inferior and people actually makes it so it’s a Dark on you, if whatever people point at in order to make you feel useless and cheap it’s a Dark thing about you. If you think because you have committed so many abortions, murders, fornication and all sorts of sins and God will not listen to you all that are Dark things.

Now I want to tell you that Dark you might be but you are lovely. It doesn’t matter what is with you, what has happened in your life, where you come from, what you did you are lovely. You are an image of God. You are a creation of the highest God. The one who created all things is your creator. In today’s world standards it’s an honor to have a photograph taken with possibly any renowned (so called celebrity) person in the world. More so if you go for lunch or dinner with them. You feel so important and so valuable. It makes no difference whether you are not educated, poor or slave in such moments you will forget all that and just feel happy. This is what you should feel about yourself right Now.

You might be facing serious challenges and troubles but just say challenged and troubled I am but with God I am a winner. Do not allow people to speak emphatically and negatively about the troublesome situation in your life. Tell them please don’t worry about my situation; I am going to make it. God Hasn’t forsaken me. I am still the same human being as you are. I am still an image of God.

This lady in this scripture had been ruthlessly used by his brothers. She had been unjustly made a caretaker of others vineyards yet hers was unattended to. To make matters worse the sun darkened her. She had double trouble. Her vineyard was not looked after; I guess due to this fact she was now begging for food, she didn’t have anything called her possession. Secondly she had become dark and everyone would possibly laugh about her darkness. Thank God this sister was focused and a cheerful person. She refused to be looked as inferior. She refused to be pitted at and she searched within and without her and discovered that she was lovely.

My friend you are feeling this low because you haven’t discovered who you really are. If you knew who you are you wouldn’t let your situation send you to bed in the afternoon. You wouldn’t let your situation tell you when to go to the doctor, when to cry and when to be happy. The reason why you are felling this bad is because you don’t know yourself .You don’t know what God made you. You don’t know why He created you. Some ladies have been used badly by man to extend that people call them names.

Some men have been used by alcohol, cigarettes, and ladies so that people will refer to them by their condition. But the word is saying fine sister and brother that have happened its okay but do you know that you are lovely. Do you know that before God you are a pastor, mother, farmer, lawyer, Sunday school teacher, minister, etc and a very important person. Dark you are but you are lovely. Right now I know the person reading this article is lovely before God. Refuse my friend to be called names because of what people see, instead start to live, think and act the way you are which is lovely. The way God sees you!

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