3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: We need to "take back" Christmas!

Merry Christmas, …and having said that, let me say this, “We may very well be on the verge of a new Dark Age.”

In I Samuel Chapter 21 & 27, David was so stressed out and exhausted from running away from Saul that he went and hid in the land of Gath. (The Hometown of Goliath).

He ran away and like David Christians are running. They are running from their battles. They are giving in to their beliefs because they are stressed or exhausted. So they hide by not bringing up “Merry Christmas” or Jesus is the reason for the Christmas celebration.

David also became a marauder for the king of that land. King Achish protected David. He made him feel safe. David changed his thinking and his loyalties.

David forgot his calling. He forgot his anointing. David forgot the promises of God.

I’ve got news for you. Almost the entire world is forgetting the promises of God. 85% of the United States claims to believe in God. 7% Claims to be Atheist and 8% something else. The 7% of Atheist that believe there is no God has more power of influence than the 85% of people that believe in God. Do you know why? They are sticking to their convictions. They are working harder to prove us wrong than we are to prove them wrong. Christians are hiding, some have forgot their calling, some have forgot their anointing, and many have forgot the promises of God, just like David did.

This Christmas has set me off. It has given me new fire. It is a wakeup call to men, women and children around the world that 200? could be the beginning of new dark ages. There is a possibility that our children’s children could be jailed or killed for speaking about Christ. Want to know what’s worse? There’s a chance your grand-babies will never know Jesus. If we fail our kids and they fail theirs, Heaven help them.

David finally realized, He needed to get out of Gath. He was becoming one of them. He needed to get out of Gath and back to his home land. You and I are the same way. We need to get out of Gath and get back to Bethlehem.

We need to claim our prize. And that prize is the gift we were given by our Father in Heaven. The gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

We need to take Christmas back. Amen? Amen

R. Neal Gracey Ordained Deacon First Baptist Church of Saltillo, PA

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