Summary: this is prayer at the time of succes

1Chronicles 29.10-19

The prayer of David

David saw everything in life…..

Poverty, Riches, Power, Possession Abandonment, Rebellion of Children, Success and all …………

1. In this prayer David acknowledges the

1] The sovereignty of God v.11..

a] Everything is yours Hebrew 1.3

Power..Glory … Victory… Majesty

b] You Control everything

World… History… Our lives

Because God is in control

He has a plan for my life

He has a purpose in all my problems

C] You give everything v.13

2. David acknowledges the uncertainty of man...v.15

Hebrew 9.27, Psalms 90 .5-12.

3. David examines his motivations... v.17

There is no use of anything in life if we are disobedient to GOD...

4. David’s request v.18 …

We want to obey you

Following God is not a casual affair

We want to love you …

5.David’s prayer for his son … v.19

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