Summary: We often align ourselves with the 'good' character, but stop and consider afresh which character you are like in this story. Are you self-sufficient? Fearful? Jealous? Grow to be more like David!

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David vs Goliath

This is so much more than the story of an underdog vs a giant.

Which character are you like? (eg facebook quiz)

Are you a Goliath? (vs 4 – 10, 42 - 44)

Trusting in natural talent, physical security, past success

Show contempt for others that you do not understand, realize that pride comes before a fall

Are you a Saul? (vs 11,25, 33 – 39)

Dismayed and terrified by the giants that stare you down, hiding and controlled by fear. Disbelieving God and hoping someone else will fix the situation – ‘vs 37 Go and the Lord be with you’ – almost a ‘here’s hoping’ – not expecting much, crossed fingers

Are you a Eliab?

Jealous and angry, annoyed at someone else because their mere presence reminds you of the guilt of your sin.

Be like David?

Remember God’s hand upon your life in the past (vs 34 – 37)

Don’t get weighed down with ill fitting armour (vs 38 – 40)

- Armour as useful on seatbelts on a rocket, if you trust – then trust

Don’t be psyched out when others put you down (41 – 44)

Remember who’s you are (vs 45)

Let your story glorify God (vs 46)

Recognise that the Battle is the Lord’s (vs 47)

Goliath falls face down - a sign of serving someone. All will bow before the Lord, Dagon, Goliath and all creation as we read in Revelations.

Faith turns our weakness into strength. Faith is not saying God will take care of problems but facing them in His power.

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