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Summary: From the day of Pentecost God has provided the Holy Spirit to fill and empower believers to live productive and God centered lives.

Day of Pentecost

Acts chapter 2:1-13


This morning we heard 4 different languages of the Lord’s Prayer to give us an idea of what it must have been like to hear God’s word in your native tongue.

Good morning, Today we celebrate Pentecost Sunday.

We sing songs about the Holy Spirit

We invite by prayer God’s presence to our worship service.

If we are to really experience Pentecost, The Holy spirit of God has to dwell inside of a believer.

We send Christmas cards, we send Easter cards, but I have never seen or sent a card wishing anyone a Happy Pentecost or Happy Holy Spirit.

Christmas is important, God coming to mankind. Easter, The resurrection of Christ for the sins of mankind, and what should be important, the coming of the Holy Spirit to dwell in the hearts of a believer.

Old Testament book of Joel, stuck between two Minor Prophets Hosea and Amos is the promise of the Holy Spirit of God coming to mankind.

Joel 2 “In the last days, I will pour out my spirit on all people.” (32) “And everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved.”

Pente- 50

Pentecost is 50 days after the resurrection of Jesus Christ, where Jesus ascended into heaven and said that He must go so the comforter (Holy Spirit) could come. Churches change the colors today from white(purity) to red (Holy Spirit)

50 days after the Passover and the birth of the church.

In a minute we will read the text of the 120 waiting on God to fulfill his promise for every believer who desires to have more than just avoiding the flames of Hell but wants the powerful life that Christ promises to believers.

Acts 2:1-2:13 Slow and clear

Peter is reminding them of the promise of Joel that God would pour out His Spirit on all people (all walks of life) to those that desire to live a new and powerful life.

They may have wanted to deny it, down play it, not understood it completely but those that experienced it would never be the same.

Over 3000 were added to God kingdom that day.

He announces the plan of salvation

He walks them through what Christ did on the cross.

Invites them to experience the infilling of His Spirit in their lives.

“Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.”

Some do not care about God’s Spirit filling them, or (2) they are so hung up on the tongues that they miss that God tells them to seek the filling.

The promise of God is in the filling of His Spirit in our lives.

Where is the fire of God in the church today? Universally? Locally?

Where is the evidence of the power of God working in our lives?

The people of God were given the power of God working in us to spread the gospel and change the hearts of men.

No filling- no power!

Most believers today, especially U.S.A. are stuck between Calvary (salvation) and Pentecost (power of God) we live below par of where God wants us.

Bethlehem- “God with us”

Calvary- “God for us”

Pentecost- “God in us”

D.L. Moody

“You might as well try to hear without ears, or breathe without lungs, as to try to live the Christian life without the power of God.”

Christ promised when he left, that He would send the comforter, the Holy Spirit of God. He has kept His promise.

When the people (those that heard Peters voice) heard what he said, “They were cut to the heart.”

They waited on God’s promise, they were cut to the heart, they had a change of heart and God took that void and filled it with Himself.

If you are full of yourself, there is no room for God to fill you. You have to empty yourself, than let God fill you.

120 people went into that upper room trusting God to do something amazing and bigger than what they could do themselves.

They waited on God- it did not happen immediately, they pursued God and God showed up, just like He said He would.

None of them that went into that room was perfect. I am sure that they all had baggage, but they did go in expecting God to do something amazing, and were ready to stay as long as need be to get it.

I want to say something about the church. I mean the church universal.

I realize that in every church there are a few people seeking God, and desiring to build the kingdom of God, but what has happened, especially the USA, we have become about programs and promotions.

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