Summary: This is a message for all who may sugarcoat God’s word and compromise God’s Holy word in an effort to reach this generation.

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This message is for all who may like to sugarcoat God’s word, and compromise God’s Holy word just to get and keep a congregation.

This is a brief sermon that needs no introduction. There are no gray areas. So, it’s all black and white. Being a minister/pastor, I get a lot of info. On how other churches are doing in the day we now live. I have been hearing that our larger churches are somewhat twisting God’s word to keep up with this generation.

I have been told that we pastors need to be more modest in our pulpits and be careful how we use words like hell, sin, judgment day and so on. I hear statements like: “God is love” He wants the best for you, and when you do badly He will forgive you....And that is true

But, the God whom I serve saves us from the wrath to come! Let me say this to those who are afraid to preach the true gospel. As a pastor I can appreciate those who preach God’s word. Paul said: “Woe is me if I preach NOT the gospel.”

We all like to hear things about Heaven, but it seems that hell and sin is becoming a thing of the past. God’s word will never pass away. Hell is real, there is a real devil, and if you are not a true child of God when it comes time for you to die, guess what, you will be in hell!.

Oh yes, what happened to the songs "When the roll is called up yonder I’ll be there." "Victory in Jesus"

"I surrender all" . . . And what about those altar calls. What happened? OH . . . I must be from the "Old School.” Well, I thank God I am from the old school.

There is nothing wrong with SOME of this updated Christian music and songs, but children, there is meat in them GREAT OLD SONGS that I was raised on!

Revivals used to last at least two weeks . . . The first week, these services was just getting started. Now if we go more than three days, that pretty well sows it up, we do not want to lose too much sleep, and if anybody says things like "Amen" or "Praise the Lord" while the preacher is preaching or an old hymn is being sung, SHAME ON YOU! Listen, SHAME ON YOU IF YOU QUENCH THE SPIRIT!

Those of you that have a problem with that, take it up with God!

And by the way, "When the roll is called up yonder I’ll be there." "Victory in Jesus" "I surrender all,” are still *NEW* to me every time I hear one of them. I was raised on songs like these . . . I’m 52 years old, and I love to hear them.

Personally, I am fed-up with these big department stores supporting SIN! SIN! SIN! God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of homosexuality! SIN! SIN! . And let it be known, if God doesn’t reign on America, He will have to apologize to those wicked cities.

This thing called Xmas or holidays, where did Christmas go? We want to use words like Xmas and happy holidays because we are too big of a coward to say Merry Christmas . . . God forbid that we upset the ACLU or some thugs that don’t believe in God. This nation is going to hell like the snowball that Merl Haggard sang about once upon a time! And we have set back and let it go to hell!

Oh yes, what happened to our midweek services? Our Sunday evening service? Well, I guess we are too busy for God at these times. And who is looking for God to come at night anyway? GOD HELP US! ....Let me say that again . . . GOD HELP US!

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