Summary: A deacon ordination / installation service. Add your own sermon.

Deacon Ordination Service

[Name of Deacon Candidate], this morning you stand before God and this church as having been duly elected [or appointed] to the office of deacon. You are a man that God has chosen to serve His Church as a spiritual leader and example of the believers.

This office is not about position or power, it is about servanthood. It is vitally important that you realize this is God’s Church and not man’s. You have not been elected/appointed to be just a financial decision-maker, but a servant-leader. [Name], I have seen in you a servant’s heart and I know you will labor as a faithful servant. This church has seen your desire to help others; you have a good testimony.

Your actions, as a deacon, reflect upon Christ and His Body more so than others. You represent this church, so when you live a God-honoring life in this community, this church and her Savior will be looked upon favorably. If you fail, you will bring dishonor upon the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and this entire church. I’ll be honest with you, sometimes people look at deacons, more than they look at themselves. Deacons’ mistakes are magnified and sometimes their good qualities go unrecognized.

The office of deacon carries very great responsibilities, but the privileges and rewards far outweigh the burdens. Paul tells Timothy, "For they that have used the office of a deacon well purchase to themselves a good degree, and great boldness in the faith which is in Christ Jesus."

[this is a good place to read the church’s Mission Statement.] Are you committed to this Church Mission Statement?

Do you promise before God and this church of Jesus Christ that you will...

·Uphold the truth and doctrines of God’s Word.

·Be a living example of Jesus Christ in this church and community, by the grace of God.

·Be faithful and regular in attendance, whole-hearted in giving, open-minded in planning and patient in seeking the solution to problems.

·Seek to serve with a servant’s heart.

·Assist the pastor in the implementing and carrying out of the ministries of this church.

·Earnestly seek God’s guidance and His Will for this church.

[Candidate should answer, "I do" or "I will."]

Charge to Church:

[Name of Deacon] has been set apart by God to fulfill a vital ministry in this church. He needs your support and affirmation. Do you promise before God and this new deacon that you will pray for him and encourage him as he does the same for you? If so, please say Amen.

Prayer of Ordination and Installation.

Prepared by Rev. Oris Hubbard while pastoring Roper Pentecostal Holiness Church, Roper, NC.

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