PSALM 118:17

I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the Lord has done.

As believers, we all have a mission to accomplish and it is the will of God that we live to the fulfillment of His mission. We are expected to use and be used effectively in this world. Nobody is use-less in this world. We all have the potential to do much more than we think about ourselves. When Hezekiah was told that he would die ( Isaiah 38:1-8 ), he turned his face unto the wall and prayed unto the Lord. Hezekiah understood that the Lord if full of mercies and that if he approached Him in the right way, then the Lord would reason out with him. He was right; fifteen more years were added to him. In Acts 14:19-20 Paul was stoned and left to die but he got up and went to Derbe. He knew that he had a calling that had to be fulfilled and therefore however hard they tortured him, he was still a pilgrim to be used for the glory of God.

Men are afraid of death. Nobody loves dying. Jesus used to call death sleep of which there is nothing to be afraid of since believers never die, they merely sleep. Only sinners are scared of dying since death means hell to them. A dying person is capable of seeing the next world and it has been reported of saints seeing a beautiful world ahead and sinners fighting against hell!

Many African communities regard the owl as a bird of bad omen. And when it howls over a village, they believe that someone has to die. The bird has been coming and crying over my house, sometimes the night over and nothing has happened in the village or in my house. We have Christians who have never been released and delivered from the customs, stereotypes and traditions which are not Biblical. There are those who believe that marrying from a particular cursed clan or community will result into death. And so we find even dear Christian brothers and sisters canceling courtship proceedings for the fear of dying. I have witnessed brethren survive this scheme of the devil. Many are married to such a people and are still enjoying marital bliss.

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were thrown into the furnace ( Daniel 3:1-30 ) yet they were not harmed by the blazing furnace. There was no smell of fire even on them! Daniel too was thrown into a den of lions ( Daniel 6:16-22 ) and the lions never consumed him. There is a cost in being faithful to the Lord but the blessings are also immeasurable.

I read a story in a daily of a pastor who was shot with six bullets yet he survived. There are some who only need the gunshots to yield! I have been involved in road accidents yet I do not have a scar from them. I have seen God rescuing His children from the worst of situations. God can actually heal cancer, AIDS, and many other diseases that the doctors have lost hope in. The doctor’s report is not the final report. Only the Lord’s report is to be believed and He says that ‘for by His stripes we are healed’ ( Isaiah 53:5 ). Do not give up on your situation like Jacob who mourned for his son Joseph thinking him dead yet he was still kicking ( Genesis 37:12-36 ). don’t be scared by witches who stand and tell you that they shall bewitch and kill you. If you are a believer, stop imagining that the Lord will allow it to happen to you if He knows that it is beyond overcoming.

Face your situation and prophesy to your situation; tell it that you shall not die but live and declare the works of God. one of the pastors I am serving with had a terrible accident on his way to a mission. Several people were killed but the Lord saved him out of the wreckage. He is now declaring the works of God with a new powerful courage and confidence.

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