3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: Christianity is the greatest deal on earth

Deal or no Deal?

Romans 6:22-23

Read Romans 6:22-23

Do you remember the show "Let’s Make a Deal"?

It was one of the most popular game shows of its day

Contestants were given some really good money or prizes,

But along with each gift came a chance to gamble;

Gamble on turning that gift into much more, or losing it entirely.

Imagine that I have the power to offer you some really great deals.


The first deal I want to make with you is this:

I will give you $100,000 for your car.

Is there anyone in here who would turn that down?

I know if somebody offered me that much money for my car

I’d take it so fast it would make their head spin!

So, you give me your car keys and I give you $100,000 in cash.

Now, before you leave, let me do something else.

Let me offer you a million dollars for your car.

Now, if you take it, you must do three things. You must:

a) give me back the $100,000

b) leave the car parked just where it is until next Sunday

c) wait until next Sunday to collect your million dollars

Now, would you take that offer?

Would you be willing to go for a week without a car so that you could get a million dollars?

I think we would all do that, because we all know other people that could take us to and from places we need to go, don’t we?

Here is what you have done.

You have given me your car keys and I gave you something really good and I gave it to you immediately.

This was a really good offer, but then I offered you something much better.

When I offered you the second offer, the first offer became less exciting to you.

Of course, the second offer had some requirements attached to it.

You would have to give the first offer back;

You would have to wait until next week to receive the second offer

And you would have to do without your car for the week.

But you still made the deal because it was so good you just couldn’t refuse.

Sometimes the best deals come with some requirements

And good deals are where you find them

Sometimes good deals find you

Someone said “Never buy a portable TV set on the sidewalk from a man who’s out of breath”

A certain Oklahoma farmer had been taken so many times by the new car dealer that when the dealer wanted to buy a cow, the farmer priced it to him like this

Basic cow $200

2-tone exterior $45

Extra stomach $75

Product storage compartment $60

Dispensing unit with 4 spigots $50

Genuine cow hide upholstery $125

Dual horns $15

Automatic fly swatter $65

Total $635

Good deal, a cow with lots of options

I heard once that if you had won the lottery and took a lump sum and put the money in the bank

And just draw %5 interest you could receive $2 million a year just in the interest

What a deal

Sounds like a good deal

Getting a large sum of money dumped on us may or may not be a good deal

But I’ll tell you what is a good deal

Christ and Christianity

You are sitting smack dab in the middle of the best deal there is

The Lord Jesus Christ and His church

There is no better deal

Before Lewis D. Morse left for the mission field in India

He was asked by a group of students at Acadia College

“What are you going to do about the religions of India when you get there?”

Morse said “If I find a religion in India that is better than Christianity

Then I will accept it and do my best to live up to it”

Many years later Morse went back to Acadia College and said

“I found no religion in India, nor anywhere, that so meets human needs, and satisfies the hunger for God, as the truth of Jesus Christ

There is no better deal than that offered by our Lord

We have all seen the wildly popular game show Deal or no Deal

And do you remember at the end when they take the deal offered by the banker

Howie Mandel says lets see if you made a good deal

They open their chosen case to reveal what they could have received

If the deal made by the banker is greater than the amount in their case they made a good deal

Sometimes they make a great deal

So lets look at just a few things that make Christ and Christianity the best deal ever

I. Here’s the Deal

A. Power of prayer

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