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In football, most of the plays are called by the coaches. It used to be done by signs. The quarterback would get the signs and relay those to his team in the huddle. Now a lot of that is done with technology - the helmet has an audio feature so he can get a play that way... But often, the play that the coach wanted in not the play that the quarterback ends up using. Often the quarterback has to call an audible...

What’s an audible? An audible is a play that is changed and that gets changed at the last minute. The quarterback lines up with his offense, and he notices that the defense is ready to sack him, or he notices that the defense is ready for the run - and so in response to what he sees, he changes the play, he calls an audible and he tells his team - “We were going this way, but not anymore, now we are doing this...”

Any team can memorize plays and execute - but teams that can learn to hear an audible and change or adapt - those are the teams that are great! In your life spiritually the same is true...

Lets face it - life is full of audibles! The plans that we make are almost comical. Change happens. Uncertainty comes and we are forced to adapt. We are forced to call a totally different play than we had planned on using.

The past few weeks as a nation we’ve been dealing with an amazing amount of uncertainty. Our financial markets are teetering on the edge of jeopardy. Depending on who you listen to, one moment we might be okay if we do this... The next moment though is different. This past week, the President spoke to the nation warning of the crisis and telling us his plan for a bailout - the next day congress voted it down! The stock market plummeted. Things don’t always go according to plan.

In your life that is true too... I remember as Dana and I were ready to take our first child home from the hospital. Literally, we had laid his clothes out - you know that first little set of baby clothes that you’ve got for them to go home in - and we go to pick him up from the nursery, and we see some doctors and several nurses all huddled over one child. Imagine the shock when we realized, wait, that’s our child - thats Caleb! It turns out that he had caught a potentially life threatening virus and he needed to be kept at the hospital for at least 10 days... Instead of taking him home, we walked upstairs as they put him in the baby ICU unit. It seems so simple now, but then it was really scary...

We love to plan out things. We plan our life, our future, our now - but the truth is - life is pretty uncertain. Honestly, you never know what is coming next! So how will you handle the audibles? How do you handle the changes that come your way? How do you handle it when it doesn’t go according to plan?

In the book of Job we meet a man who has everything. Wealth, Land, Family - everything... And in one instant - one snap of the fingers - its all gone. If you read the first chapters of Jon you hear a man get more bad news than any of us could possibly take ...and it just keeps coming.

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