Summary: Dealing with others and yourself with the things of the past.Part 4, of "Dealing With", series.

Dealing with the Past This is the fourth part in a series on,” dealing with”. There are many things that we as christians have to deal with, when we give our life to Christ. One of these things is our past life, before we were changed into a new creature. As we grow in Jesus we start to expand our testimony to those that we use to know, hoping to get them to join in the family of God. But as we prepair our testimony and present our case to them, they always bring up our past and satan tries to defeat us with it. So how do we deal with our past? Lets get some scripture and start to learn about, Dealing with the Past. Romans 8:6-7. We’ve all at one time or another ,been hurt, by those that bring up our past as if we were still living it. The scripture tells us that we all at one time were unrulely. Most people that are miserable with their lives, want to make others, just as miserable as they are.This seems to be a way of forgetting their failures in life and passing the hurt to someone else. Consequently, they bring up your past, to help themselves to feel better about their failures in life. They don’t count the consequences of the hurt that they will cause you, and believe me ,it does hurt, especially when you’ve fought for a long time to forgive yourself for your mistakes. yes ,you do have to forgive yourself also. When Jesus forgives, He and God no longer remember what you’ve done, but you also have to forgive and forget,for, yourself. Romans 8:33, Who shall lay anything to the charge of Gods elect ? It is God that justifieth. Who are these people that condemn you,for your past, we are and all have been unrulely.Christ made the sacrifice for us, He paid the debt, He did not owe, so it is to Him weather to forgive and judge, and not others. Just remember, when Satan reminds you of your past, remind him of his future. Rebuke these spirits that torment you, and yes these are spirits that bring up your past, because torment is not of God. There is a lot about mans ignorance that shows thru when they remember your past, but we must be willing to deal with it, to be a good witness for Jesus. Showing them that, the sins of the past are forgiven and the sins of the future are hidden under the blood, for a christian will not sin willfully. For we as, reborn creatures ,can no longer live in sin, for we are of the seed of God. John 8:6-7, 1Corinthians 13:10-12, and many others tell us us people that will bring up the past to hurt or justify their anger at situations that they cant control. 1st Corin., 13:10 speaks of ,”But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away. “ Dreams, visions, ect, will come and go, but to end, the way to deal with the past is to, rebuke the spirit of torment, calling it by name. Remember to bind on earth, is to bind in Heaven. Call these spirits by name ,rebuking them in the name of Jesus, believing that they will no longer bother you and ,forgive yourself as Christ has forgiven you. Paul said, “let us go on to perfection, not laying again the foundation of dead works, unto repentance.” Read the scriptures and understand, what God has forgiven, He no longer remembers.We serve God not man. ars.

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