Summary: Death is only the end of a chapter not the conclusion of life of the saved

Death, is that your final answer.

John 3:3-16

There was a show that became popular a few years ago. "Do you want to me a millionaire?" It’s host Regis, made "Is that your final answer" a common household phrase, as he posed this question to person prior to revealing to them if they had won cash or lost it all. Well for those of you who have the desire to play with me for a little while this afternoon, I pose this question to you, "Death, is that your final answer?"

Here in this particular scripture John’s writings are designed to convince non-believers to believe in Jesus as God in human form who came in order that we may have life and have it in abundance. A form of reunification for a sin sick world that had become disconnected.

In this scripture we find that Jesus is approached by a man named Nicodemus. Now let’s understand who this man was. Nicodemus, was a Pharisee - a religious leader of the Jews- a ruler- one of prestigious background. one who had clout - a big wig - a top dog - somebody’s somebody! A scholastic pillar of the community Had enough letters after his name to start his own alphabet. Some one who most would not expect to ask questions. But Nicodemus was impressed by the teachings of Jesus, and he wanted a little piece of what he was talking about. Wanted to know how to obtain some of this joyful jubilance Jesus was teaching about. He wanted to know how to keep death from being his final chapter.

So he went out in the midnight hour, by the cover of darkness, so others would not know that this great scholar did not know everything. And he inquired how can I obtain some of this stuff that I hear you teaching about? Nicodemus was seeking - searching - looking for a way into the kingdom of God. Or in other words - wanting to be safe, or seeking to be saved!

But what Nicodemus did not understand, that this thing called salvation was not obtainable through works or degrees or self ordained and edified or glorified titles. But this thing that Jesus was promising, this thing that Jesus was teaching, this thing that Jesus had come to fulfill was free for the asking. Jesus was teaching folk that "Death, is not your final answer."

But what baffled Nick the most was when Jesus said, You must be born again. Nicodemus thought this to be an impossible feat. How can a person re-enter mama’s womb. So many folk period think this "BORN AGAIN" thing is next to impossible to accomplish. Many think they have to be able to recite the bible. Others think that every habit must be given up first and every sin you have ever committed must be publicaly confessed. Some think that their life must be perfect - others think their clothing must be correct. What is it to be "born again" - it’s easier than you think. Born again is the nullification of death. Listen........reborn----that is a new thing! Something redone. A makeover. A do-over. A retry. Meaning a chance to remodel, reform, redo. And when one does these is an effort to make it not. You wouldn’t remodel your home with inferior material. But when you redo- or retry - or rehab - or remodel your life, it is done to do better. That is what being born again is all about! It is not some long equation that is only solvable by a mathematical scholar. It is not something offered only to those who are in church 24/7. It is not only for those who have done no wrong. It is not only for those who have scholastic degrees. It is something that is obtainable by anyone who believes. Being born again simply is the beginning process in changing ones life. It is a form of transformation. It is being delivered from condemnation into reconciliation. It is the transfiguration that gives the gift of salvation. The act, the process, or result of deliverance out of destruction. Somebody needs to rejoice that Death is not your final answer.

Those of you who already have been reborn - know that you will see Ricky again. Rick gave his life to the Lord and when Satan asked Him if Death was his final answer, Ricky was able to say NO!!!!

But to those of you who are waiting for the right moment to give your life to God, I am hear to tell you, Satan is rejoicing because he wants you to refuse to change your answer. He wants you to believe that death is your final answer.

But My God has sent us a revised script. You see the word of God says that Jesus came to free us from the slavery of sin.

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Jeffrey Arp

commented on Oct 6, 2006

I was blessed by the passion and the relevance of this message! I was having a hard time finding motivation to preach a message for an 81 year old nursing home patiend I had never met who wanted John 3:16-17 preached at her funeral... this motivated! Thank you!

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