Summary: Christians pray about heaven but no one really wants to die. Death I have come to understand is a vehicle to glory for a Christian.

To man death of a righteous man means a waste. Their place is left vacant and what they used to do is left undone. We mourn and cry for we see them no more. Wondering whether we would ever see them again even in eternity as we are still on the journey hoping to reach the right destination in eternity. We miss them because we can no longer benefit from the comfort and support they bring us. We sometimes cry out of envy because where they are we are not sure if we would get to. They remind us of our frailty and the fact that all we have been chasing after is but wind. That is why people want to change and start all over again in that moment of emotional euphoria. Soon after we revert back to our old ways the loss and pain now forgotten. For some, like family members and close friends, it takes longer. For the man himself it is gain! Apostle Paul said "for me to live is Christ and to die is gain" It is an escape from the evil to come. It is like righteous Noah entering the ark before the start of the flood. They are escaping the world and the corruption therein. They lay down in rest in the grave which represents for them a bed of eternal rest. Having fought the good fight and keeping the faith, waiting in Abraham's bosom for the crown of life. O how I long for that day! That I shall lay me down on my bed of eternal rest, this worldly troubles all forgotten waiting to see my saviour's smile! O how sweet the heavenly voices as I join the mass choir to sing my saviour's praise. To behold the angels worshiping my King. The 24 elders, their crowns aside, on their face before the Lamb. The overwhelming splendor of His glory revealed. To see what John saw and trembled! That day I long to see even as I am seen.

How amazing that Christians who claim to be pilgrims here on earth have decided to get themselves an indefinite leave to remain therein! Even naturalising themselves as citizen of this earthly kingdom to the pain of the King of heaven. Death like one of my beloved sons in the Lord (Leke Omosebi) said is one of the 2 vehicles to eternity. The second is the second coming of my saviour and King! You would either die one day or Jesus would come. Either ways are you ready? Death is universal as one of my sons in the Lord (Ademide Quadri) also said, it is not racial or ethnic, it is not prejudiced and is not gender sensitive and does not consider age. When it comes would you be ready.

From Isaiah 57:1, where I got the inspiration to write this little piece, it says at the end that the reason why righteous people die is to take them away or save them from the EVIL TO COME! Evil abounds in this world but there are evils God has to save us from before they overtake us. Hence, he provides us a way of escape! Whatever evil I would face that would take me away from my Lord's presence and His presence from me, Lord save me from it even if I have to ride on the wings of death to safety!

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