Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Declare the hope of the resurrection

Death’s Baby

It was into a scene of death & destraction and discouragement that our Canaan King found himself in the 11th chapter of John.

John 11:20-27


Words ordered in heaven & uttered over lips of clay. Speak to the wounded desperate souls of sin. Curse & stinch of living in this world would be washed by the water of your word. Still is a cross that bleeds and a king that redeems & hope beyond the scope of human limitation.

Philippians 3:7-11

God is calling the body of Christ to rise above status quo of church normalcy

Right has become wrong for so long that Righteousness has become abnormal

Devil has inner circle of darkened hearts to whom he has imparted the mystery of iniquity and depths of degredation. Over a period of time these doctors of damnation have worked like leaven to permeate the mindset of the body of Christ to the point we now call evil good and good evil.

For illustration think of our society.

∙ preserve whales & wooping cranes but murder & abuse our own children

∙ smarter but not wiser, know more but understand less

∙ go faster but end up nowhere

∙ solid strong houses but have weak sick homes

∙ conquer space but cannot conquer our own habits

Door has been opened for spirit of antichrist to use demon spirits as vessels of vengeance, wreaking havoc, killing & destroying. All the way from international madmen like Saddam Hussein to the polished politicians who purpogate perverted legislation to the solid citizen shaking his fist at the commandments of a Holy God to the street punk with an assault rifle to all the demonically deranged devotees of hard-core satanism that come to us from the ranks of politicans, housewives, doctors, lawyers, teachers and preachers

All this onslaught of evil is too subtle and too sinister to be of human origin it must be the carefully calculated conspiracy of demon spirits. We have children who live in our homes, sit in our schools and attend our churches who are driven daily with destructive thoughts inspired by demon spirits

What we call a dysfunctional home the Bible calls a generational curse

Public education used to have 3Rs, now they have 4 – reading, writing, arithmetic, & reproductive rights

Instead of posting commandments in the classroom, they are passing out condoms in the hallways.

Sin is no longer sin – liar is not a sinner, he is an extrovert with a lively imagination. Adultery is no longer sin in Hollywood or in 90% of the churches. Murderer is not a heinous criminal, he is a media event. Public welfare system that legitimizes illegitimacy – won’t let young girls have healthcare without an illegitimate child.

Don’t blame it on poverty – some of you all were raised so far back in the woods that hoot-owls were used for roosters and June bugs didn’t show up until August and you were too poor to pay attention but you didn’t murder anybody. Don’t blame it on the color of your skin or what side of the tracks you were raised on, for if God be for you, who can be against you.

Irritation running high & patience running low, know that satan has come. We don’t need economic reform, fiscal reform, political reform, social reform, we need an old-fashioned revival born on the backs of repentant hearts.

Problem in America is this – there is a devil loose for which there is only one remedy – CRIMSON RED CROSS OF THE CRUCIFIED CANAAN KING – Jesus of Nazareth

When you see these things come to pass know that the Prince of darkness, serpent, dragon, devil has come to destroy your life. But I’ve got good Gospel news today – there’s still wonder-working power in the blood.

I must share with you today that there is power to live above depravity & sin, power to live above satan & devils, power to live above sickness & disease – all in the crimson red blood of the crucified canaan King Christ Jesus

Let me announce to you today, that you don’t have to sin, there is power in the blood

You don’t have to be depressed, there’s power in the blood

You don’t have to die, there’s power in the blood

You don’t have to be divorced, there’s power in the blood

You don’t have to be bound, there’s power in the blood

He was wounded for my transgressions. . . [thank you Jesus]

Our story today must begin all the way at the beginning with our pristine parents walking in the elegance of Eden – what a Garden – flowers blossoming, animal kingdom, lying walking with lamb in harmony

Everything you see, pleasing to the sight,

Everything you feel pleasing to the touch,

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