Summary: When we choose our ways over His ways when we choose to follow other gods instead of Him We can expect His displeasure.

Pastor Allan Kircher

Shell Point Baptist Church

Aug. 25, 2013

Judges 4:1-24


Intro: The book of Judges is a gritty, dirty book.

• Filled/sin, violence/judgment of God.

• Action book/appeals more/men than women.

• A modern counterpart/action/war movies men find far more appealing than/romantic comedies preferred/ladies.

Book/Judges actually elevates/position/women/Israelite society.

• Chapters before us today

• Introduced/two women used by God in great ways, for his glory.

• Deborah and Jael.

• One/respected leader/nation—other/simple housewife.

• Different walks of life/both used/God/remarkable ways.

I want/move thru chapters 4-5/point out some facts that present themselves in this tale of sin, judgment, war, faith, and victory.

I want you to see:

• How God used a courageous, faithful woman to deliver His people from bondage and oppression.

• that God is still using women for His glory every single day.

Let’s walk through these verses together and meet Deborah: A Woman Of Conviction And Courage.


These verses describe the horrible spiritual conditions that existed in Israel during the time if Deborah.

A. v. 1 Their Corruption

After Ehud delivered Israel from Eglon/Moabites, the land had rest from war for 80 years

• As long/Ehud lived/judged/nation/People followed God served Him.

• Ehud passed from/scene/People returned/sinful ways.


We are told that they “again did evil in the sight of the Lord” Judges 5:8 says, “They chose new gods”.

• Turned their back/God/salvation/followed/gods/Canaanites

• A spiritual void/their lives/they walked away from/Lord.

Children/Israel/picture/what we see all too often/our churches.

• People will follow God for a while

• then when there is a spiritual void in their lives

• They turn away from God and seek their own ways.


• Caught up in the world.

• It is because someone said something?

• Sad when we base our faith/those around us/not on/Lord.

• Our faith should be in God/not in any man.

This kind of thing happens when believers get their eyes on men and not on the Lord, Heb. 12:1-3.

• We need to be very careful!

• old enemies from/past will rise up when you least expect

• That sin you thought was conquered will defeat you if you give it an opportunity!

• You aren’t safe until you get home to glory and are delivered from this flesh, Rom. 7:14-25; 1 Cor. 10:12.


B. v. 2 Their Chastisement

• Israel rebelled against God

• He responded/giving them over/their enemies/punishment.

• The Bible says He “sold” them.

• God abandoned them/life they chose for themselves.

• They paid a terrible price for their rebellion.

• They were literally driven/their highways/their homes.5:6


Still a high price to pay for disobedience/will/Lord.

• When we choose our ways over His ways

• when we choose to follow other gods instead of Him

• We can expect His displeasure.

• He will send chastisement into our lives

I don’t know about you, but I do not want to experience the displeasure/chastisement/Lord in my life.

• Only way to avoid/keep short accounts/Him

• confess sin when it appears in our lives

• If I choose to go on in my sins

• I can expect God to touch my life in ways I will not like.


He might touch me through my:

• Flesh by bringing sickness or other sorrows into my life, Psa. 51:3; 40:12; 38:1-11.

• Family/working through them/bring me back/Him, 2 Sam 12.

• Finances by bringing me to a place of want where I realize where my supply comes from, Hag. 1:6.

• Future by allowing me to reap the full consequences of what I have sown, Gal. 6:7.

I don’t know how God will work in your life or mine, but I do know that He will work.

We may sin, but we will never get away with it, Num. 32:23.

C. v. 3 Their Cry

• Israel oppressed/Jabin/his armies/20 years.

• As far as Israel was concerned, Jabin/undefeatable.

• He possessed/powerful army anchored/900 chariots/iron.

The helpless armies of Israel were no match for this enemy. Judges 5:8, the Israelites possessed no weapons.

• They were a conquered, defeated people.

• People without hope.

They came/place where they were tired/their situation.

• They called/Lord and He heard them.

• notice that they did not cry out in repentance

• They cried out for deliverance from their problems.

• Most people in our day never learn that lesson either.

People call/Lord so He will deliver them from their problems, while they fail to deal/root of their problem, their sin.

• If we really want/delivered/oppressive effects of evil

• harsh whip of chastisement

• We must deal honestly with our sins before the Lord.

Our goal should:

• not just be to escape our problems

• Be to be found pleasing to the Lord.

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