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Summary: This is the 3rd sermon in the series "Living In Times Of Spiritual Decay".

Series: Living In Times Of Spiritual Decay[#3]


Judges 5:1-31


Because of failures from past generations, Israel found themselves in a bad situation. The people were living in times of spiritual decay, but God had not forgotten them although this new generation didn¡¦t know who He was and what He expected.

God sent them judges to free them from their enemies; but when the judge died they ended up in the same situation. Judges Chapter 1 and 2 explain this to us. The next 19 chapters of Judges, the Book of Ruth, and the 1st 8 chapters of 1 Samuel are examples of this ¡§Period Of Judges¡¨.

Just because you live in a time spiritual decay gives you no excuses. We too live in a time of spiritual decay, but we must choose if we will decay with those around us or declare the glory of the LORD.

God allows us to be tested for 1 of 2 purposes. Sometimes God wants to get our attention and sometimes He wants to grow us.

Judges 2:21-22; 3:4-6

In Judges 3-5 we find Israel being tested because of their disobedience. God raised up Othniel, Ehud, and Shamgar who were all warriors that had brought peace to Israel through their God given victories. This brings us to chapter 4.

Deborah was the Judge of Israel at that time. She sent for Barak to give him his assignment from God, which was to take an army to destroy the Canaanite army and their commander, Sisera.

Barak did lead an army as he was told and the Israelites were victorious. Sisera escaped and went to the tent of Jael who was the wife of Heber a friend of the Canaanites. While Sisera was sleeping, Jael drove a stake through the head of Sisera into the ground.

Judges 4:22-24

With all of this background, I want us to look at chapter 5, which is a song by Deborah and Barak; and ask yourself, ¡§Am I decaying spiritually or am I declaring the power and glory of God?¡¨

We Declare God¡¦s Glory¡K

Judges 5:2

1. When God¡¦s leaders lead and God¡¦s people offer themselves to battle evil.

Judges 5:3

2. When God¡¦s people sing songs to Him.

Judges 5:4-15a

3. When God¡¦s people are obedient and willing.

We Are Spiritually Decaying¡K

Judges 5:15b-17

1. When we don¡¦t go.

Look at the excuses used:

„« We had to work.

„« It¡¦s not our fight.

„« It¡¦s too far to go.

„« It¡¦s too dangerous.

Judges 5:18-22

2. When we let others fight our battles.

Judges 5:23

3. When we forget Who we are fighting for.


Judges 5:24-31

1. Sometimes God gives us the victory in some of the most unexpected ways. He uses people we would not have even considered.

2. While the enemy seems to be winning and even acting like they are winning, remember that if God is for you, who can be against you?

3. Offer yourselves to God, sing His praises, and be obedient and your reward will be strength and peace.

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