Summary: The devil’s strategy of attack is always sly and he would attack you when you are vulnerable and least expect! Caution!

Sly sneaky attack!

Joshua 9:4”….on their part acted with cunning and went and made ready provisions and took worn-out sacks for their donkeys, and wineskins, worn-out and torn and mended.”

You may be aware of a frontal attack but not so when it is sly, sneaky, surreptitious and snake-like attack! Are you listening to me? There are men who would upfront approach you for a date and tell you on the face ‘this is not for long term, though’; however, there are those slimy, creepy, smiling gentlemen who would make umpteen promises for marriage and then ditch you royally. There are still some who would spin sob stories about the atrocities and wickedness of his wife, buy you coffee, drive you home; yet, he eventually looks for a relationship outside marriage! These gentlemen are snakes! Are you listening? Beware! Don’t be naïve, just because he carries a big fat Bible, don’t give your heart to him, think! Friend, don’t be carried away just because she said that she teaches in Sunday school, think! Most important, do not be impulsive, pray, pause and ponder! Do you hear me? Circulate this message far and wide! This is the season of deception, let us warn people of the creepy snakes!

The clandestine approach of the Gibeonites to the great commander Joshua is a very important subject for all of us to think and learn. Joshua was no ordinary man, he was the second-in-command who rubbed shoulders with the iconic leader Moses. Joshua was witness to awesome miracles like the dividing of Red sea and also he routed the army of many great kings like Og and Sihon along with Moses. Did Satan know of the power of Joshua and his God? Oh, yes! Look what the Gibeonites said: “ we know about the name of the LORD your God. For we have heard a report of Him, and all that he did in Egypt..” (Joshua 9:9) Did you hear that? The devil’s strategy of attack is always sly and he would attack you when you are vulnerable and least expect! Caution!

Well, satan discovered a ‘softer side’ of Joshua and he planned to take advantage of that. While all the other kings who were beyond the Jordan in the hill country came to attack Joshua as one, the Gibeonites used old sacks, old wineskins, old and patched sandals, dry and moldy bread instead of weapons. Are you listening to me? Beyond their deceptive appearance, the Gibeonites simply lied. They said, “We have come from a far country” when of course they had not. They coaxed Joshua to make a covenant of peace with them, while Israel was forbidden to make peace with any of the tribes of Canaan (Exodus 23:23-24).Alas! Joshua fell to the trick! When the Leaders err, it is not a personal loss, the whole gamut of followers suffer! Are you listening? When the fathers err the family suffers, when the pastors err the whole congregation and their family suffer, when Youth leaders err many young people suffer. Here comes a caveat to be careful, wise, with mental acumen and discernment.

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