Summary: When Eve and Adam listened to the twisted words of the serpent and disobeyed God as a result, they threw away their fellowship they had with Him. Too many lives have been wasted by listening to the lies of the devil.

Back in the 1970's, a television show debuted on one of the major networks that centered around the saga of two families in Texas. The show was entitled "Dallas" and the premise was based on two men, Jock Ewing and Willard "Digger" Barnes, who had been friends and partners in the booming days of the oil business in the 1930's. Jock was the businessman, while "Digger' had a sense within him that knew where they should build a rig and drill. Digger's hunches were almost always correct and the two men became wealthy as a result. While Jock carefully invested his earnings into new fields, Digger ended up drinking heavily, did a lot of gambling, and lost most of his shares. Jock did not want his company to fail because of Digger's excesses, so he put the next set of leases in his name and would release them to Digger if he would get sober, grow up, and assume responsibility for his actions. Digger believed that Jock had stolen the leases and tried to kill him. The two men went their separate ways. Jock continued in the oil business, while Digger spun out of control into constant drunkenness and a life-long hatred and bitterness that he never would abandon. Although he had the talent to go work with other "wildcatters" and obtain another opportunity to get back on his feet, he never did, and wasted his potential on alcohol and passed on the bitterness to his children. To Jock's credit, he tried to do right by Digger, but to no avail. Both men died within a year of one another, the issue and feud never to be resolved.

The character of "Digger" Barnes can be applied to anyone who possesses gifts, talents, and intelligence to make something of themselves, but either one episode of a bitter encounter with anyone from employers to parents, sibling rivalry, schooling, or other situations tend to stop them in their tracks or hold a grudge that will fester like a cancer and will prevent them from obtaining those goals and objectives they had planned on, but have now chosen to abandon, renounce, or foolishly cast aside for what they think are "better" situations which end up as a pipe dream and self-imposed waste and oblivion. They become dead to any ideas or directions, and are content to merely "exist" until the day of their death. Cemeteries are full of celebrities and business experts who wasted their gifts on drugs, alcohol, illicit living, excess spending, foolish investments, and all too often without any regard for God's direction, counsel, or protection. Some may erroneously conclude that "the system" is rigged against them. They end up "poor mouthing" themselves, wallowing in self-pity, believing that they will never "get ahead", and end up with a hatred of anyone who succeeds or obtains wealth as a result of a work ethic and self-discipline.

Wasted lives and potentiality are not exclusive to modern times. History is rife with the stories of people and nations that threw away opportunities which could have made them stronger, wiser, wealthier, or more open in their respective understanding of God's will. The tragedy of "what might have been" began before our creation as presented in Genesis 1. Despite what social critics, evolutionists, government bureaucrats, and the media throw at us concerning the reasons or necessity of our existence, the Bible makes it perfectly clear that we are the crown jewel of God's creation. We were designed by Him for a reason and purpose. No one is an "accident", or a "mistake", or "insignificant", nor are we to be deemed "worthless". Every human being on this planet is part of the planned history and objectives of a sovereign God. How dare we let anyone tell us that we have no value, or that we are "expendable" with no higher value or worth as that of an animal in the wild?

This idea of a low view and purpose for life originated in the mind of a once magnificent being who had been entrusted with great responsibility and potential. He was the archangel Lucifer, who became Satan, or the devil. Look at what he had and then decided to throw away in a fit of pride. He was an extraordinarily beautiful and exquisite being, a special creation, adorned with precious jewels, given musical talent and was the anointed guardian angel of the throne of God (Ezekiel 28:12-15). He was deemed perfect until the day came when he began to believe that he was worthy of worship and to rule heaven and creation. He led a revolt against God, along with a third of the angels, and all were cast out as a result by the Lord Jesus (Isaiah 14:12-17; John 12:31) They will be consigned to hell when the final judgment by the Lord Jesus Christ takes place, forever destined to be in torment, along with all who rejected Christ as Lord and Savior (Matthew 25:41; Revelation 20:10).

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