Summary: This sermon looks at repentance and responding to God’s Word as a function of our worship.

When Confronted with God’s Word how do you respond?

King David was confronted by the Prophet Nathan in II Samuel 12. Let’s see what happened.

Now let’s look at how David responded in Psalm 51.

1. Plea for Forgiveness (1-2)

There are three different and distinct words used for sin they are

Transgressions – Willful defiant disobedience (pasha)

Iniquity – a distortion or perversion of that which is straight (avon)

Sin – missing the mark (hatah)

There are also three different words for forgiveness used

Blot out – rubbing out of a debt (mahah)

Wash – washing a stain out of a garment (kavas)

Cleanse – purification which required God’s pronouncement (taher)

2. Proffer of Confession (3-6)

3. Prayer for moral cleanness (7-12)

The word in v. 10 used for create is Bara which in the OT is used of God’s activity alone.

4. Promise of renewed service (13-17)

5. Petition for National Restoration (18-19)

If we are to rightly worship God then we must be about the business of repentance as we are confronted by His Word.

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