Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: A closer look at the promise made to the sons of Jonadab


A Opening Story

1 Review

a Promise is so powerful we need to claim it today.

b In a culture gutted of God we need to know Jonadab’s secret.

B Jonadab was given a promise to God but never heard it in his own lifetime.

1 Jeremiah 35.19 NASB

a Other translations put the promise in more understandable terms.

aa he shall always have descendants who will worship me." Jer 35:18 (TLB)

bb the God of Israel, says: ‘Jehonadab son of Recab will always have descendants who serve me.’” Jer 35:19 (NLT)

b I believe somewhere in the world today descendants of Jonadab are still living & serving the Lord.

aa When the Northen/Southern kingdoms fell, they served.

bb Maybe they came back with Nehemiah to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. (Neh. 3.14)

cc Maybe helped pass food out to 5,000 on a hillside in Galilee; Upper room when H.S. fell in power and strength, Luther when he nailed up his letter, Calvin in the Geneva Academy,

dd Came ashore with the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock in 1620, rode with John Wesley, George Whitefield, sat under Jonathan Edwards, prayed with Spurgeon, passed out hymnals at D.L. Moody Crusade, collected offering this morning.

2 Jonadab never heard the promise spoken in Jeremiah 35.19: what he did hear was Deut. 7.9; Prov. 22.6

a He simply trusted God’s promise would be given to his descendants. (I may not be around to see the promise fulfilled, but I will trust God.)

b Jonadab just served the Lord out of obedience, not for a reward.

aa Not because He wanted God to bless, protect or anything else.

bb He just raised his family to serve God because God said too.

I Jonadab loved the Word of God

A Ezra (7.10) revealed that a good student of the Word did 3 things: study, practice & taught it.

1 Jonadab did just these three things (use Holy imagination)

a When Jonadab was younger God sent a prophet (Ahijah, 1 Kings 14.12a, 15-16) that warned of God’s coming judgement on the Northern Kingdom.

aa We don’t know what he did, but he did prepared as a result to listening to the man of God.

bb Some years later, Elijah called for all of Israel (1 Kings 18.19) to come & see him put the smack down on 450 prophets of Baal.

cc Jonadab heard Elijah speak (1 Kings 18.36-37) & cry out himself (1 Kings 18.39).

b We don’t know exactly how he did it, taught, practiced but we know he did! (Listened to the prophets, Word, & passed it on.)

2 Christian, hearing the Word is not enough to call yourself a student of the Word. (Not enough just to bring your family to church on Sunday or Christmas/Easter)

a Study, practice & teach it.

aa James 1.22

bb Your faith is not as much taught to your children as it is caught by them.

b IL. Teachers give a test to students and the goods one (teachers) will feel bad because the students gets a failing grade because it reflects how they taught the material.

c If you want to know if you’ve done a good job as yourself if your kids are making the grade. (Harsh, but real.)

B How often do we read Scripture as a family, sing worship songs as a family, pray together?

1 When was the last time you asked your kids or grandkids if there was anything you could pray about for them.

a We too worried that we’ll not be hip when we should more concerned about being seen as His.

b The reason it sounds foreign to us is because we’ve not done it.

2 IL.

II Jonadab longed for the holiness of God.

A King Ahab was a king that tolerated his wife’s false religion to be of equal respect as YHWY in the nation. (Bowed before God & Baal) I Kings 16.30

1 He allowed false doctrine & idol worship to become a part of Israel’s national identity.

a Forgot the first commandment (Ex. 20.30)

aa Giving Baal equal time, attention, significance, respect.

bb God is a jealous God, will not be simply tolerated. DEMANDS WORSHIP.

b Jonadab didn’t tolerate other gods (not unlike Jehu).

2 Jehu, I believe knew of Jonadab’s witness/heart & invited him to help rid the nation of “Baal” (II Kings 10.15-17).

a Jehu held the first “Smackdown @ Samaria” (v.18,19)

aa Ruse: All Baal worshipers come, we’ll worship the “Lord”

bb Everybody came dressed in “Baal” clothes, kids carrying “Baal” toys, playing “Baal” music.

b Jonadab makes sure there aren’t any worshipers of YHWY (v.23)

aa Sometimes believers get caught up in tolerance, allowed, admitting things that should not be tolerated, allowed, admitted.

bb All clear. Cleansed the nation of false doctrine/idol worship.

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