Summary: There are some deep secrets that the enemy does not want us to know. The enemy fights fiercely and his manner of fighting is very deceitful. And this battle goes on in the lives of men day and night. The enemy fights without any mercy.

Daniel 2:22 says, “He revealeth the deep and secret things he knoweth what is the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him.”

There are some deep secrets that the enemy does not want us to know. The enemy fights fiercely and his manner of fighting is very deceitful. And this battle goes on in the lives of men day and night. The enemy fights without any mercy. It would be unfair to ask a man of thirty to fight a boy of two years. To the enemy it does not matter. The enemy does not care whether a person is an orphan or not. The fact is that the devil is the father of lies, his operation is always tactical. The devil has no honour, and integrity. He has no respect to whatever name you call yourself. He has no respect for university degrees. But one thing is certain; it is easier to destroy your enemy if you have enough information. One of our fathers in the Lord who has gone to be with the Lord now used to sing a song anytime he came to the pulpit. The song is titled: “Everybody has to know who Jesus is, and everybody has to know who satan is.” If you don’t know who satan is you will have him sitting in your sitting room. Ignorance is the greatest enemy of man. In the time of ignorance, the enemy will be in control.

Sometime ago, a university lecturer friend of mine was lecturing in the class and all of a sudden he fell down at the full clear of the class in his suit. Some students were laughing at him while some were feeling sorry for him. Some who wanted to mock him poured water on him and all his clothes were wet. When he opened his eyes and saw the students staring at him, he was highly embarrassed and he decided that it must not happen again. So he went to his home town and his parents promptly took him to the greatest herbalist in town. The herbalist looked at him and said, “Young man, do you want a solution?" He said, “Yes.” The herbalist said, “You will carry a she-goat and put it at your back and go round a market place seven times on a market day." The man said, “But I am a university lecturer, I can’t do that kind of thing. Don’t you know anything more decent than that?” The man said, “University lecturer indeed. Was it not in the university that you fell down?” The lecturer said he was not going to do it. The herbalist said that there is another way out which was to take seven coconuts at the middle of the night to a cross-road naked and break all the seven coconuts there. The man said he could not do that. The herbalist said he was not serious and sent him away. It was then this lecturer ran back to Jesus. During the first prayer meeting that he attended, when the first prayer point was called, he hit his head with his hand and dragged out a red-headed lizard. Since that day, he never slumped again. The goat that he was asked to carry and the coconut that he was asked to break would not have helped the situation. Ignorance is a terrible disease. If you are ignorant, the enemy will prey on you and deal with you.

There are decent people who are ignorant. There is decent ignorance. There is foolish ignorance. Also, we have unconscious ignorance. Physical ignorance is a very bad thing but spiritual ignorance is worst.

Many years ago, I read a story of two children who wanted to surprise their mother on her birthday. These two children were very rich. The first child came and gave her a very big car. The second one came and did not know what to give to his mother. One day, as he was passing through a shop, he saw a parrot, which was very expensive. It was the most expensive thing there so he was curious. He said, “Excuse me, why is this parrot so expensive?” They said, “This is the only parrot that can speak twenty six languages. He bought the parrot and took it to his mother believing that he had given her something very expensive. The following day, very early in the morning, he telephoned the mother: “Mummy how are you and how is the parrot? She said, “I have eaten it.” That is physical ignorance. The spiritual one is worst.


1. He tries to make believers to think that he does not have any limitation.

2. He tries to make believers think that he does not miscalculate. Jesus said, “If I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me.” The devil made a mistake and lifted Jesus up. The devil took Paul into prison, but it was a good thing that he did. It was in that prison that the books of Galatians, Philippians, Colossians, I and II Timothy were written. The devil took John into the prison but it was there the book of Revelations was written.

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