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“ Defining the Purpose of Praise”

Danny L. Williams

January 9, 1999

Psalm 103:1-5

Intro: Have you ever been in a praise & worship service and you didn’t feel like Praising? And then you begin to ask your self,

“What is the Purpose of Praise??


We may have been there,

What is it in us that bring’s those feeling’s?

Is it that we are thinking about something else?

We think things like::

I wonder what is going to happen at work this week or

I sure hope Pastor doesn’t Go over cause the big game is on?????

Or are we, distracted by others,

Look at what “sister so and so” is wearing or

You tell your spouse “You know honey Pastor didn’t shake my hand this morning” or Bro. So and so didn’t speak to me this morning!!!

or maybe we just didn’t feel like Praising–

You may be tired or just not in the mood to praise.

We Have all been there.

But when those feelings rise within us, how do we handle it?

There are usually three responses that every person will respond with:

1. We Procrastinate in Praise, – we miss out on praise and wonder why the message seems so Dry.

2. We Pretend to Praise, - in a half-hearted manner.

3. We Purpose to Praise, - within ourselves to enter in to the freshness.

But let’s ask the question, “Is there a way that we can move into praise that is not based on how we feel? Or no matter the atmosphere maybe in the sanctuary?

As we look at Praise this morning I want to give you a three-step way to move in to the Purpose of Praise.

I. You Explore Inwardly:

Vs.1,, “ Bless the Lord O my soul: and all that is within me,

bless his holy name

Notice how David spoke to his own soul-When he was down in the dumps or spiritually dry.

Question? Have you ever felt that way?

What are the thought’s start going through your head.

“ Why don’t I feel like Praising”

and You look around and start to feel guilty because everyone else is Praising?

What do we do?

Just what David did

He said, “Soul! Bless the Lord!

I want you to understand this morning , Many times praise is a function of the will and not our emotions.

You say but Pastor – How can I praise when I feel completely deflated emotionally?

On Psamlist put it this way.

Psalm 42:5-6

Why are you downcast within me , O my soul? And why are you disquieted within me?

Then I like the next statement :

He gets tough with himself and say’s

“ Put your Hope in God! Why? Then the topper””””

For I shall yet praise Him

We must will and determine to Praise the Lord, even when we don’t feel like it. Praise is not contingent upon our Feelings- it is based upon God’s greatness.

But notice what David tells him self to do:

Bless the Lord-

It’s a sacrifice; Psalm 27:6 ``Therefore I will offer up a sacrifice of Praise in his tabernacle: I will sing, yes I will sing praises unto the Lord…

That word Bless the way it used here is defined: to Kneel, Bow down as an act of adoration to God.

REMEMBER: God called Israel a stiff necked people because they wouldn’t bow,


I want you to understand this morning David was speaking to his innermost being , Not his outward position

He said all that is within me….

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