Summary: God will deliver you from your heavy burdens.

Remembered the different 'pots' in my life:

Momma's pot of soup cookin in the kitchen, Dad's large pot of brunswick stew cooked in a big pot outside stirred with a boat paddle, and mamma's large pots with cucumbers for pickles.

Pots are large containers for cooking or for transporting food.

Pots in this verse represent the burdens that were carried by the Children of Israel as they laboured under Egypt's bondage.(Could be translated baskets)

How pots are like burdens:

1. two handles- often demanding your full attention

2. in front- carried in front of you, always visible

3. heavy- usually full pots can be very heavy

4. mixed-burdens can contain many different ingredients

5. slow to cook-slowly build up over time

6. many servings-wide influence of burdens on others around you

God reminded the Israelites that He delivered their hands from the pots!

Referring to the process of making bricks in Egypt:

1. gather the clay

2. mix the straw

3. form the bricks

4. put in rows to dry

5. carry to work site

The pots referred to were the pots in which the clay was collected.

God had intervened to disrupt the burden bearing process by delivering their hands from the pots themselves.

Types of pots from which we need to by delivered:

1. Fleshpots-Hunger for the world(Exodus 16)

Israel was bound to Egypt by their own hunger. While they ate manna in the wilderness, they longed for the fleshpots of Egypt. These pots held scraps of leftover meat from which was made a type of soup mixed with onions and leeks. God break the hold of Egypt's dainties over our life.

2.Deathpots-Death in the pot(2 Kings 4)

The young generation of would-be prophets were endangered by a 'wild' gourd that was placed in the pot. This produced the potential of eradicating the prophetic voice in that generation. Many youth live the 'wild' life not realizing that death is in the pot. The prophet spread meal(a symbol of the Word of God) into the pot thus neutralizing the effect of the poison, saving a generation and its prophetic potential.

3. Waterpots-Religion (John 4)

The woman at the well longed for water, but Jesus told her about a well of living water springing up into everlasting life. The waterpot represents religion without a relationship with God. When she heard the truth, she abandoned her waterpots, and told other about Jesus.

4. Oilpot-Limitation (1 Kings 4)

The woman in Elisha's day had nothing but a pot of oil to save her family. All she saw was her limited resources. The prophet told her to gather up vessels, shut the door, and pour out into the other vessels. The oil poured until all the vessels were filled.

5. Potsherds-Hopelessness (Job 2)

Job lost everything he had, but his faith. He sat in the ashes and scraped his hurts with broken potsherds. These were broken pieces from his past life. Only comfort was the broken past he once had. God restored Job to his former life with more thatn before!

God will deliver your hands from the pots!!

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