Summary: The Invitation to this wedding banquet was an invitation extended by grace. It is a powerful picture showing that all who received the invite had it received it by grace. When grace is rejected, wrath will be given.

The Demands of Religion

Text: Matt. 22:1-14

Dorn Ridge June 10, 2012


1.) Much is made of plurality in today’s society.

2.) The major concern about plurality for many seems to be its implied permission to participate in every kind of belief and practice.

A.) The parable of the Wedding Feast with the emphasis on the failure of the guest to dress properly points up that relationship with Christ is more than a casual experience in which any type of behaviour is permitted.

3.) The relationship of the believer with God can be demanding. The requirements of God must be met.


1.) The rejection of God’s action of forgiveness is not simply discourteous.

A.) It is a rebellious insult.

aa.) To understand what takes place when a person rejects the offer of Jesus Christ, we need to see and understand the greatness of what God has given and offered to us.

aaa.) In the parable, the picture is that of a


aaa-1.) It is not like someone telling us that if we are ever in the area to drop by for a cup of tea, or a meal.

aaa-2.) What is pictured is a fancy banquet that would normally only be open to the best and greatest of society.

aaa-3.) It was something that was considered to be such a great privilege, that nobody in their right mind would even consider to refuse such an offer.

aab.) In this parable when it came time for the banquet those invited began saying they had other things to do that were more important.

aab-1.) In other words, that which should have been considered as the highest and greatest honour that could be given someone was shrugged off as a casual unimportance.

ab.) The people might be able to imagine the picture Jesus gave them, and how ridiculous it would be to reject the offer of a king.

aba.) Jesus used this picture of what they could imagine and understand to point their minds to the reality that God’s offer and sacrifice to man is far greater than anything that a king of this world could ever invite us to.

abb.) Whether or not the people heeded his words, you can be sure he got his point across.

abc.) The same lesson and point could be seen today as well.

abc-1.) A few weeks ago Prince Charles was here in the Fredericton area, and also Saint John.

abc-2.) As is always the case when royalty comes, there is a large crowd to come and see them.

abc-3.) If presented with the opportunity to dine with Prince Charles, many would do whatever it takes for that opportunity, and would consider one foolish who would not accept such an offer.

ac.) I challenge you that great numbers of people would not casually reject such an offer by the future king but at the same time, would reject the far greater offer given by a loving God who sent his son to die for us?

aca.) Jesus was dead on with his words. aca-1.) Many would never consider passing up an invitation to dine with an earthly king.

aca-2.) Sadly many of these same people would be willing to spend eternity in hell because of rejecting the far greater offer that God has given us through His Son, Jesus the Christ.

B.) To reject the offer of God is the supreme insult you can give to God.

ba.) It is not like we are skipping out on a dinner invite, or something of little importance.

bb.) Rather God considered His relationship with mankind of such significant importance that He was willing to not only send, but to allow His Son to die in our place.

bba.) Even then it was with a death reserved for only the worst of criminals and sinners.

C.) The action of the king in judgment stresses that His rejection is more than a casual offer that really does not matter.

ca.) It is a rejection of the King himself.

cb.) It is disregard, and disrespect for what He has done.

cc.) Verse 5

cca.) “They paid no attention.”

cd.) verses 6-7

cda.) It was in fact contempt and hatred for the King.

2.) How one responds to God’s requirement is the very basis for acceptability.

A.) That which attracts one's attention and receives one's loyalty clearly indicates whether one is worthy.

aa.) Verse 8

ab.) And the worthiness of rather one is worthy of heaven is based on our own choice or rejection of God and His son. is made by our own choice.

aba.) The extent of our unworthiness for this offer is further pointed out.

aba-1.) verses 8-10

aba-2.) Jesus is showing the absurdity. When Prince Charles came a few weeks ago, those who would have been invited for a meal with him would not have been the beggars on the street.

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