Summary: Expectations of Christians.

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Demands of Christianity – Part One


A. Hebrew Letter sets forth the “better” things of Christianity in contrast to the Law of Moses. Thirteen times.

B. Many demands under Old Law; If the New is better, not to expect the demands to be less in either quantity or quality.

C. The promises are obviously much better:

1.)Physical Canaan or Spiritual Canaan, (heaven).

2.)Sins rolled forward to next year or sins washed away forever!

3.)Sacrifice an animal every year or the sacrifice of Jesus once for all!

1. Sincere Love that Lasts – Verse 1

A. Doesn’t say, “Need to start” or “Ought to be.”

1.) Assumes that such love already exists.

2.) Is it a Proper assumption? These people embraced Christianity.

3.) God expects His people to be different!

B. John 13:34-35; 2 Thessalonians. 1:3; 1 Peter 1:22

1.) Here lies the solution to our problems.

2.) Strife, discord, when present, don’t have to ask what’s wrong

3.) Lack of Love!

2. Sympathy that Helps Others – Verses 2-3

A. Where love continues, Sympathy abounds! Hebrews 6:10

1.) Love is warm, benevolent, feels, reaches out.

2.) Might as well trap the wind as try to imprison love.

B. Luke 10:30-34 – Love in action, Sympathy at work. It just as easily could have been me – Hebrews 13:3

3. Sacred Regard for Marriage – Verse 4

A. No religion exalts, enhances marriage; Christianity.

1.) Christians recognize divine origin – Genesis 2:22-24

2.) Loving and Intimate in Nature – Ephesians 5:24-25

3.) Lifelong in it’s duration – Matthew 19:6 & 19:9

B. Every aspect of Marriage has been tampered with and

corrupted by the interfering hands of man. Families torn, Children lost.

4. Satisfaction with What One Has – Verses 5-6

A. This is penned to people who lost so much! – Hebrews 10:32-34

1.) These people are still urged to be satisfied.

2.) No indication they ever regained what lost.

3.) Treasures in Heaven, Not earth!

B. Materialistic age; difficult attitude to overcome; endless

pursuit of things cannot satisfy.

1.) That Car – CROWN!

2.) That Outfit – HONOR!

3.) Those Diamonds – GLORY!

4.) Praise of Men – PRAISE OF GOD!


A. Christianity is truly the better way!

B. Are you ready to comply with it’s demands?

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