Summary: Why ‘ghost stories’ and ghost games have such mass appeal remain opaque to me!

They are no comical chaps!

Mark 6:7”And He called the twelve to Himself, and began to send them out two by two, and gave them power over unclean spirits.”

Why ‘ghost stories’ and ghost games have such mass appeal remain opaque to me! May be because of the fun they get out of it and most important they consider ‘ghosts’ as not real but a bunch of comical chaps. Be warned! Ghosts are real and the Lord Jesus Christ mentions about devils many times in the Bible.

Friend, when you stare too long at a woman, that means you've already committed adultery in your heart ... and we all know what that means, don't we? Check Mathew 5:28! But today that scripture is archaic, because people rush to watch ‘item songs’ where women gyrate lustfully to demonic music and dirty lyrics. Such item songs are liberally shared on facebook and mobiles to watch it 24/7. Make no mistake -- these obscene new dance and hip-hop grooves are instantly ready for primetime viewing! The whole gamut of Christian crowd is into it that includes our youth leaders! Beware of dancing when it takes you down the corridor of hell!

Who do you think tempts you to get into porn sites and gets you addicted to them? Unclean evil spirits! I want to just speak more on this subject here, because the devil is using this ‘weapon’ to destroy and devastate several homes, kids, churches, ministries and youth. This subject cannot be shoved under the carpet and pretend all is well, there are men who watch porn on Saturday night and take holy communion on Sunday morning. Are you listening? Many cry, ‘I want to leave but I just cannot’, let me speak to you, you cannot do this on your own, crawl to Jesus like that lady crawled to get hold of the garment of Jesus, because her life depended on it. Are you there? It was not only her money that was being drained but also blood, hence she mustered all the energy that she had to get to Jesus. Yes, the same way the devil is hounding for your blood, do all it takes to get to Him for deliverance before you sink deeper and deeper into the pit of hell. Moreover, as you watch porn in your bedroom, there is all possibility that the unclean spirit will also touch your other members of the family. The invisible evil forces spread their tentacles! Your children, your wife, brothers and sisters may also get affected, be warned! If you know someone is into this heinous sin, you stay away and warn that person too! I certainly write this to scare you and warn you that it is the devil behind the entire scene!

New converts from idol worshipping backgrounds also should be careful to throw away every piece of idol from your home so that you do not give the enemy a foothold to attack you. A young couple accepted Jesus Christ from a very strong, hindu family, the young man had actively participated in temple functions and his business also was connected with idol worshipping material; however, after listening to my teachings, he gave up the business, threw away the idols but still he had not come out 100 percent. Hear me say this please, the devil knows your weakness and he would hold you like a leech to suck your blood. The wife of that young man got possessed with demons and I had to go to their home and stay with them for a week in order to help that family.

As I write this devotion, I know there are many out there attacked with fear, terror of dark and many such things. My advice, don’t treat this message as a joke, it is biblical and Jesus calls the devils unclean spirits. Yes, they make you do unclean things! The devils make you do unrighteous business, gets you into adulterous relationships, stirs quarrel and misunderstandings, brings rift in the family and much more. Flee from evil in order to stay from devils!

James 1:21”Therefore lay aside all filthiness and overflow of wickedness, and receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save your souls.”

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