Summary: We think demonism is not for today, because we have been brainwashed by our culture, but the fact is, the New Testament is more relevant than modern psychology in explaining why we live in a society so filled with perversions.

Gender Dysphoria is the psychiatric term for what is commonly called transsexualism. This is the

obsession that one has been born as the wrong sex. This is so deep-seated that the only cure is

thought to be sex change surgery. In all the literature there is only one report of a cure by means of

months of hard work using behavior modification. But there is one report also of an instant cure

with no medicine, and no psychiatry. D. Scott Rogo, author of over 25 books, tells of this amazing

cure in his book The Infinite Boundary.

The story began when John was born in 1952. When he was four he started to imitate his mother

by putting on makeup, and wearing his sisters clothes. He became more and more feminine as he

grew older, and walked and talked like a girl. He enjoyed only the feminine things of life. Eventually he was diagnosed as a transsexual. And unsuccessful suicide attempt brought him to Dr.

David Barlow at the University of Tenn. Medical School. He was given a complete psychiatric

examination which showed, for all practical purposes, he was a woman trapped in a mans body. He

was advised to have sex-change surgery, and it was scheduled.

It was a long process to prepare for this, and so meanwhile John was living openly as a woman,

even going by the name Judy. By the summer of 1973 he was ready for surgery. But to the shock

of the doctors, Judy came back as John. He was dressed in a three piece suit, and looked completely

masculine. He explained that he had gone to a Christian doctor who told him his problem was

demonic. He agreed to have the doctor pray with him, and the doctor spent two to three hours

praying that the evil spirits in him would leave. This exorcism worked, and now for the first time in

20 years he felt like a man. He was instantly cured, and all his feminine behavior vanished. Dr.

Barlow asked him to retake the battery of tests, and all of the results showed he was restored to a

totally masculine identity. The demons that had messed up his life had been cast out.

We think demonism is not for today, because we have been brainwashed by our culture, but the

fact is, the New Testament is more relevant than modern psychology in explaining why we live in a

society so filled with perversions. Why are there so many messed up people? Why are there so

many child abusers? Why are there so many obsessed with all sorts of abnormal behavior? All this

is a boon to talk show hosts, but it is a curse to millions who cannot enjoy a normal life. The New

Testament tells us that much abnormal human behavior is a result of demon possession, or the more

modern term, demonization. Men and women open themselves up to satanic influence, and he takes

advantage of it, and sends his troops into their lives and takes control.

After reading widely in theology, medicine, and psychology, I have no doubt that the very thing

that we see in the New Testament ministry of Jesus are going on all over the world today. But equal

to the danger of not believing in the reality of demons is the danger of believing in them too much.

The fact is, they are real, but still more rare than some believers like to think. It is hard to keep a

balance on a subject like this. It is just too easy to go to one extreme or the other. We want to

dismiss the whole bizarre subject as a matter of mental illness, or discover demons behind everything

that is abnormal. Both views are clearly out of touch with the revelation of the Bible, and the

realism of history.

The only way to approach a subject like this is to be a believing skeptic. We must come to it

believing there is something to it, but be skeptical about all evidence until it becomes overwhelming.

Catholic and Protestant authorities agree, you should consider every other possibility before you

jump to the conclusion that anything is demonic.

Most cases of reported demonism are proved to be something else. There are even numerous

cases of pseudo demonism where clever people rant and rave and foam at the mouth, and scream

profanities because they have discovered it is a very effective method for getting attention, and

getting their way. History is filled with the follies of being a demon hunter, but equally foolish is the

life lived in utter unawareness of these dark powers. So let's begin our study of this sober subject by

looking at-


When Jesus was confronted by a man with a evil spirit in the synagogue, He treated the man, not

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