Summary: The first step in following X is to be wholly committed to Him, Allow Him to rule in our lives, come before Him poor in spirit, realizing your need for Him, bow before Him and Him alone,

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EPIC-2/9/03-Dependance on God

Begin a series I am going to call vintage Xianity. Why?

When we look @ the xian faith as it is practiced today it can appear to be clouded by century’s of tradition, in vintage xianity going back to the beginning.

Webster’s defines vintage as-being of old, recognized, and enduring interest, importance, or quality and gives syn. Classic, or classical

So in vintage xianity we are going to go back and look at the core, The way it’s supposed to be. Not what does our culture say it means to follow X, not what do I say, not what does our church say, but what did Jesus say it meant to follow Him. When X came He laid it out, very plainly how those who follow Him should live their lives.

Matt. 5-7-Augustine called the Sermon on the Mount

X began min. announcing repent the Kingdom of heaven is at hand-

Natural questions on the heart of every Jew would have been, “Am I eligible to enter Messiah’s kingdom? Am I righteous enough to qualify for entrance?” The only standard of righteousness the people knew was that laid down by the current religious leaders, the scribes and Pharisees. Would one who followed that standard be acceptable in Messiah’s kingdom?

Wasn’t telling them what the kingdom was, or how to get into the kingdom rather The sermon showed how a person who is in right relationship with God should conduct his life.

****Christ is describing what Human life and human community look like when they come under the gracious rule of X. They look DIFFERENT! A xian counter culture-that is vintage xianity

Begins w/ what are commonly reffered to as the Beatutudes. Each of these begins w/ the phrase “Blessed are” or God blesses those who .

The things that Jesus is talking about deal with the basic values which we as human beings adopt and live by. Jesus’ is saying that the values of this world do not lead to blessing. To His audience He was making the point that the values of your “religious leaders”, the Pharisees, do not lead to blessing.

Instead blessing comes through living by His values. Values that the world hates, but those are the values that reflect the heart of God the Father.

So there at the beginning of the Sermon on the mount we see Jesus, in these few verses, set up a new system of values by which His people, his followers are to live.

And those values require a rejection of the values which lie at the core of human civilizations and which shape most individual personalities.

Once again-****Christ is describing what Human life and human community look like when they come under the gracious rule of X. They look DIFFERENT! A xian counter culture-this is vintage xianity

Start w/ the first of the counter cultural values tonight-

Vs. 3-“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” -NIV “God blesses those who realize their need for Him”-NLT

NIV– literal trans.

NLT-interpretation of poor in spirit.

The poor in spirit would have been understood by those listening to Jesus as those who consciously depend on God, not on themselves; they are “poor” inwardly having no ability in themselves to please God (cf. Rom. 3:9-12).

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