Summary: This sermon follows the progression of Acts 11:19-26 and identifies 10 things we should be aware of today. I used train illustrations with the 10 words.

There are 10 stops along the tracks. (I used train related illustrations for each of these words)

1. Dispersion – v. 19a – Sometimes life takes us in many different directions just as it did in the early Church.

2. Exclusion – v. 19b – Often we like the early Church miss the point that the gospel is to be shared with everyone without exclusion.

3. Inclusion – v. 20 – Fortunately we have some role models in these men from Cyprus and Cyrene who showed us that we should get beyond our prejudices.

4. Conversion – v. 21 – When we are faithful to share the gospel we can expect to see people believe and receive.

5. Excursion – v. 22 – The early Church recognized this work as significant so they sent someone out to see what was taking place.

6. Exhortation – v. 23 – Their choice of whom to send is no mystery. The best one to send is the one who was genuine and would encourage them in their faith. The son of encouragement then was the natural choice.

7. Infusion – v. 24- It seems clear that the Lord was not finished with them at Antioch and Barnabas encouragement only set the stage for even more to respond to the gospel.

8. Companion – v. 25 – This is a principle that we today should be careful to notice. When it was clear that God was at work in the lives of these people Barnabas knew he would need some help so he sought out Saul to come and serve along side of him.

9. Instruction – v. 26a – Teaching new believers was just as important then as it is today. We need to be faithful to follow their example.

10. Identification – v. 26b – Have you ever noticed what is written on the sides of railroad cars? How many of you recognize the words Santa Fe? I thought you would. It is an identification that is burned permanently into your mind. Well the early Church was labeled with an identification that has endured for nearly 2,000 years now.

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